Infrastructure Victoria is inviting 450 Victorians to participate in a series of engagement activities to explore how we can move away from petrol-and diesel-powered vehicles to meet the state’s emissions targets.

The transport sector is Victoria’s second most emission intensive sector, accounting for around 20 per cent of the state’s total carbon dioxide emissions (22.3 million tonnes (Mt) of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) from a total of 113.9 Mt (CO2e) in 2016).

Cars are the biggest contributor, generating 56 per cent of our transport emissions. Unless Victorians adopt low or zero emission vehicles at a faster pace than current trends, we will not reach the state’s legislated target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Infrastructure Victoria is inviting participants to meet in a state-wide online community panel which will inform recommendations to be included in Victoria’s updated 30-year infrastructure strategy, to be finalised mid next year. Participants will also be compensated for their involvement through a $60 payment on conclusion of the events.

Infrastructure Victoria is an independent advisory body responsible for preparing a 30-year infrastructure strategy for Victoria. We encourage public debate about infrastructure needs, issues and preferences to help inform planning and solutions that will better meet the needs of Victorian communities.

The expression of interest form is available online on Infrastructure Victoria’s website at