Berwick Spring Estate and East-West Corridor Planning

about 3 years ago
What is the issue?

»During the development of Berwick Springs Estate, the developer constructed Greaves Road to meet Council standards that allowed for an asphalt road and a small interim roundabout at the estate entrance i.e. at Berwick Springs Promenade/Greaves Road.

»The roundabout and entrance were attractively landscaped to market the estate to prospective buyers.
»The gateway entrance, bluestone wall and mature treeline sit on Melbourne Water land.

What is Council’s Role?

»Roads that provide a regional or metropolitan arterial function typically form part of the Declared Arterial Road Network and come under the State’s direct responsibility through VicRoads. In growth areas arterial roads are typically constructed in stages - initially as a single carriageway local arterial and then handed over to VicRoads through the Arterial Road Declaration process as the traffic function of the road becomes more regional.

»Over some years, Council has been working with VicRoads on the arterial road network in Casey that services the City and the broader community.

»Greaves Road will ultimately be declared as an arterial road and is in the final stages of ‘handover’ to VicRoads as a Declared Arterial Road. The handover process set by VicRoads requires Council to make improvements to the road (at Council’s cost, to the satisfaction of VicRoads) before VicRoads will accept responsibility for the road. For this reason, handover can take several years to achieve.

What is Council’s position?
»During preparation of the South East Growth Corridor Plan in 2012, the Victorian Planning Authority [VPA] (formerly known as the Metropolitan Planning Authority and before that, the Growth Areas Authority) further reinforced Greaves Road as a key east-west arterial road connecting the Princes Freeway in the east and Pound Road in the west, then linking to the employment land in South Dandenong.

»The South East Growth Corridor Plan was approved by the State Government and is a Reference Document in the Casey Planning Scheme. All government agencies involved in the planning of the south east growth corridor must adhere to the strategic intent of the document.

»In essence, Greaves Roads’ status as a local road has been an interim position, with Greaves Road having been identified and planned for as a key arterial road which would require a significant upgrade, including larger intersections.

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