Drainage Constraints – Melbourne Water

about 3 years ago

What is the issue?

»Melbourne Water’s Hallam Valley main drain runs through a large part of the area. It is a complex system that provides drainage, water quality enhancement and carries flood water from a very large catchment before entering Port Phillip Bay.

»This area of Casey has been investigated over two decades to understand development feasibility and the associated constraints relating to drainage. The fragmented land ownership has held back the development of the area.

»In 2014 when the VPA commenced planning for the area through the Berwick Waterways PSP, a preliminary Storm Water Management Plan was developed by Stormy Water Solutions.

What’s Council's role?

»The Stormwater Management Plan was a preliminary assessment of the likely drainage requirements set by Melbourne Water and Council that would need to be met within any development proposal.

»It was highlighted by the consultant that, given the complex nature of the Hallam Valley system, there were multiple obvious physical drainage constraints and the solution would be complex and involve significant development cost.

What’s Council's position?

»Council does not intend to interfere or reduce the current drainage requirements set by Melbourne Water. Council also supports and enforces The Stormwater Management Plan as a guideline for all development in the area. This is to ensure adequate drainage is planned in all future developments and reduces the safety risk posed by inadequate drainage.

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Consultation has concluded