Roundabout Extension, Relocation and Traffic Lights

over 2 years ago
What is the issue?

»The existing roundabout island on Greaves Road has a diameter of 15 meters. A Traffic and Transport study commissioned by the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) for the Berwick Waterways PSP acknowledged the need for a larger intersection on Greaves Road to cater for the future demand as well as a safe traffic function.

»Although an intersection controlled by traffic lights can be an alternative, the traffic analysis carried out by VicRoads suggested that the ultimate 40 meter, two-lane roundabout will have sufficient capacity to accommodate future traffic up to the year 2046.

»It is forecast that the proposed extension and relocation will meet local and regional commuter needs for the next 20 years requiring no additional upgrades or modifications.

What is Council’s role?

»In response to the exhibited documents, Council officers understand that VicRoads specified to the VPA that the roundabout must be 40 meters by the AustRoads guidelines for a dual lane roundabout, to fit into the future arterial road design. The 40-meter roundabout design is consistent with other arterial road roundabouts in Casey’s municipal district, such as Sladen Street and Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road in Cranbourne.

What is Council’s position?

»Council officers supported the extension and relocation approach as an efficient use of public funds, and to minimise future inconvenience to residents and disruption to the transport network.

»Council officers understand that a properly designed roundabout is a proven safe form of intersection control. In this case, VicRoads has advised that modeling has confirmed that the roundabout will operate very well, with minimal delays, especially during off-peak periods. Queues and delays will be lower than at an equivalent signalised intersection.

»Council supports reducing traffic disruption and delays for both the residents of Berwick Springs and the broader City of Casey commuters. Through the extension of the Greaves Roundabout from a 15 to a 40-meter diameter, changes in traffic and congestion levels would occur. Increasing driving productivity and ensuring people spend less time in their cars and more time at their intended destination.
»Another important factor in Council’s support for the extension is that the roundabout itself would not require future upgrades for a projected two decades.

Consultation has concluded