Project Information

Council has undertaken a minor review of the Leisure Facilities Development Plan Policy (LFDP), and is seeking feedback from the community on proposed changes.

The LFDP is used by Council staff in the planning and delivery of sports facilities across Casey. The document, which will be renamed the Sports Facilities Framework, ensures an equitable and consistent approach to the development of new facilities and improvement of existing sporting facilities. The proposed changes will make the document easier to use and ensure it aligns with current standards, policies and strategies.

This review has considered urgent matters only and generally maintains the intent of the current document. A more significant review of the document is proposed in the future.

To provide feedback on the document, please use the form below. Consultation closes Thursday 7 September 2023.

The LFDP is used by Council staff to ensurevaried, an equitable and consistent approach to the development of new, and improvement of existing, sporting facilities for the benefit of Casey residents and visitors.

The document focuses on 17 identified sports that were included as they have the highest rates of participation nationally and in Victoria for both adults and children. Consideration was also given to the City of Casey’s demographics and participation trends.

  • Definitions for the classification of sports facilities
  • Additional Principles to guide the design and delivery of sports facilities relating to inclusive and equitable sports infrastructure
  • Addition of new section relating to Traditional Owners, diversity, gender equality and child safety
  • Document name change to better reflect the purpose
  • Document formatting, branding and structure
  • Updated naming of sporting codes including AFL to Australian Rules Football and Soccer to Football (Soccer)
  • Clearer language, specifically the Sports Facilities Hierarchy Standards Table
  • Updated references to other relevant documents
  • Removal of duplicate information
  • Outdated standards
  • Indoor sports facility provision will be guided by the Framework with requirements for each facility designed on a case-by-case basis