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Max Pawsey Playspace & Car Park Design overview

Max Pawsey Design overview

Council invites the community to provide feedback on the draft plans for the new playspace and car park at Max Pawsey Reserve, Narre Warren. This project is identified in the Max Pawsey master plan which was subject to community consultation in 2020. This is now another chance for you to help shape the future of Max Pawsey Reserve.

We want to hear from you as your comments, suggestions and ideas will help bring the current concept design to life. The space is for the community, and we want it to be a place for you, your family and friends to visit together for years to come.

The project will have a focus of providing a space that is inviting, inclusive and welcoming which will also help the demand of our growing community.

Your feedback is valuable

You are invited to formally advise us of your opinion by making a submission to the concept plans. In your submission, we encourage you to communicate what you like or would like changed.

To view the concept design and detailed description of the proposed works, please click here, the document library or the links below. We recommend you take a look before taking part in the survey and having it up at the same time if possible.

Please use the survey below to share your feedback on this exciting project.

The deadline for submissions is 5:00pm Monday 19 February 2024.

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  • Concept design overview

    Concept design overview which shows the proposed playspace area, proposed changes to trees, the car park extension and new pedestrian crossings.

    View here 
  • Playspace and car park concept design

    Proposed changes: New pedestrian crossings, new trees, new pedestrian access, car park extension, updated sections in the playspace area.

    Total parking spots: 86

    Accessible parking: 2

    View here 
  • Playspace concept design plan

    Proposed areas:

    -Swings zone

    -Active younger play zone

    -Imaginative creek play

    -Social gathering zone

    -Active older play zone

    -Small kids play zone

    -Nature play zone

    View here