Update - November 2022

City of Casey is endeavouring to deliver a new district level Melville Park Drive Playground.

Due to the unprecedented heavy rainfall in Victoria, the site conditions has become extremely challenging for construction.

We expect the construction period will be extended to the end of February 2023 (Subject to weather conditions). During this time, the entire playground will be fenced off.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we deliver this important playground renewal project.


The City of Casey's Playground Strategy identifies sites within the municipality for the installation of new playgrounds. New district and local level playgrounds are funded by the Capital Works Program and are delivered within the financial year. The works will include a playground renewal program which is compliant with Australian Standards.

Design Intent

The concept for the Melville Park renewal embraces the woodland context of the park and existing opportunities within the space.

A serpentine path forms the spine of the design, cradling then opening up to the playspace as it weaves through the trees to connect to Melville Park Drive. Utilising the existing basketball hardstand, its reorientation allowed for better connectivity to the wider space without the risk of errant balls.

To the north of the site, feature adult scale bar obstacles provide opportunities for informal fitness activities, climbing and parkour. Located to the south and adjacent to the basketball hardstand is the social hub of the space. This position provides access and viewing to the entire park and featuring a shelter and picnic table and seating rocks.

The dry creek bed offers a level of sensory and contemplative play featuring a combination of large river pebbles, flat seating rocks and feature planting. Balance and lateral climbing totems sit adjacent the creek bed, forming a circuit to and from the main path.

The combination play tower caters for both junior and senior play featuring slides climbing nets, junior monkey bars, shopfront and elevated vantage points.

Throughout the design natural rocks and logs are utilised as seating alternatives and reflective spaces whilst also provide informal opportunities for balance play and exploration. Mass plantings of low-level shrubs and flaxes are used to create rooms with in the play space as well as control access and movement to ensure safety for all.

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Melville Park concept Plan