Project info

Casey City Council (Council) gives notice under Section 115(4) of the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) of its proposed intention to enter into a lease with Amplitel Pty Limited as trustee for the Towers Business Operating Trust ABN 75 357 171 746, of part of the property known as part 35i Copabella Cct, Clyde North (Volume 11913/Folio 073) also known as Mick Morland Reserve (the Proposal). The subject property is shown outlined on the plan below.

Mick Morland Reserve land with circle of the land to be leased

Proposed lease area (outlined in red)

The principal terms of the proposed lease are:

  • Term of lease: 5 years with 3 x 5-year further terms
  • Commencement date: to be confirmed
  • Rental Amount: $22,000 + GST per annum
  • Permitted Use: Installation, operation and maintenance of a telecommunications service station, antennas and associated services

Enquires should be directed to Jaala Miller, Property Officer at or 03 9705 5200.