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Do you think something needs to be done to ease traffic congestion on the Monash Freeway in Casey? Why?

over 8 years ago

This consultation has concluded.

  • brigittemcdonald over 8 years ago
    Traffic congestion on the Monash Freeway through Casey adds between 1/2 an hour to an hour to my journeys to and from work each day. During non-peak times, I can make the trip from my home at Drouin South to my workplace at Clayton in as little as 55 minutes. During peak times it generally takes me a minimum of 1 hour 20 minutes to 1 hour 40 minutes. The trip home is generally a little longer. An extra lane would alleviate the problem and prevent so many accidents occurring. Just look at the amount of skid marks through the Casey part of the freeway to see how stop-and-start the traffic is.
  • Madmel over 8 years ago
    When 4 lanes merge to 2 after the Sth Gippy turnoff (outbound), of course there's going to be congestion! With the population of Narre Warren, Berwick, Beaconsfield and further out increasing, why are we sitting on only 2 lanes on the freeway? 3 lanes, at least, should be standard with the amount of traffic that uses the Monash Freeway!
  • JL1 over 8 years ago
    When can we have the Belgrave Hallam 3 lanes upgrade? Travelling from Tinks Rd to East Link during the morning and evening peak hours is now taking at least 20-25mins run for only 11km of distance. This section needs urgent upgrading to improve livability, productivity and sensibility. It should long been a 3 lanes freeway from the start but looking at it now even 3 lanes may only be a short term solution.
  • Fedup over 8 years ago
    I have been using this bypass from the day it opened and it has been bumper to bumper. An additional lane is not going to relieve the pressure, it requires at least 2 lanes in both directions and the Sth Gippy merge fixed. With the growth building rapidly in both Casey & Cardinia, both State & Federal governments need to do something about this bypass and it needs to be done yesterday. The governments do a great job in collecting taxes in every which way they can, it needs to be spent on where we require it since at the end of the day its our tax dollars. Governments need to pull their head out of the sand and fix the problem urgently.
  • lazzar over 8 years ago
    At least one additional lane should have been added years ago, and should have been done as part of the project to add the 4th lane to the rest of the Monash. The traffic lights on the ramps are just an excuse to be seen doing something, and I can't say that they have made much impact. This is regardless of the fact that this south eastern corridor of Melbourne was already the largest growth corridor years ago. More and more people are living along this stretch of the Monash freeway (and now well beyond) and traffic *will* get much worse. I live in Berwick and work in Alphington, I travel along the Monash/Eastlink/Eastern freeways daily (53km one way), for me the 10km stretch of Monash freeway between Dandenong and Berwick can quite often take 25-30 minutes alone. Its almost amusing that I can usually travel the rest of the 40km in less time than it takes to do that 10km section. And don't get me started on the genius that decided merging 4 lanes into 2 was a good idea.
  • justdoit over 8 years ago
    Most people don't and wont have time to add some input to this conversation, as they are probably in traffic sitting on the Monash... The reality is if we don't do something about this traffic issue then we may as well all pack up and move to WA. Casey has one of the biggest populated communities and we rely heavily on our cars and roads to get to work, city etc. The further housing expansion in Droin/ Pakenhan etc will just make traffic on the Monash worse in time. Its time to stop the greed of taking our tax money and no investing it into the things we use every day, OUR ROADS!
  • Robert over 8 years ago
    "If you build it, they will come."Vicroads built a 4th lane from Heatherton Rd to the City, so we have gone from three lane of bumper-to-bumper traffic to four lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic. EXCELLENT PLAN!!! We can't keep building more lanes. Eventually the Monash Fwy would need to have an elevated road eight lanes wide.No single solution will solve traffic congestion. Time to *DO* (not just talk about) a number of initiatives:1) Make the 4th lane a transit lane during peak hour for taxi's, hire cars, buses, motorbikes/scooters and car pooling.2) Build more train infrastructure, additional train tracks for increased capacity and express and freight trains, more stations, remove ALL level crossings and build an outer ring train line linking the outer suburbs.3) Fast rail to the airport.4) Build an airport in the east of Melbourne, such as Western Port Bay to service the area including freight.5) Build high speed rail between capital cities.6) Build high speed rail (bullet trains, 300km/h plus, Warrigal to CBD in *20* MINUTES) for express services from the CBD to regional areas.7) Reduce stamp duty of residential properties to allow families to move house more easily to be closer to schools and work as their lives and needs change over the years.8) Build more cycling infrastructure, more shared paths and end of trip facilities at train stations, office blocks and shopping centres.So good luck with all that, personally I'll keep riding either my motorcycle or bicycle to work, and yes, I'm laughing to myself under my helmet as I lane split.
  • Simmo over 8 years ago
    * The Monash freeway was upgraded in 2007 to place a 4th lane along a medium reserve from Heatherton Rd to the city and once it was completed it was a roaming success. I will say it does not matter if people say it was a waste of money because there a reason to why the traffic banks up at the South Gippsland merge and banks up all the ways to the Eastlink. * In the upgrade the short 3rd lane was erased from the Hallam Bypass and cut off to traffic making the South Gippsland merge go from 5 lanes in to 4, with two lanes dedicated to the South Gippsland Freeway. Now why does the two left lanes bank up as well on the Monash? It is because the two right lanes dedicated to the Hallam Bypass reach capacity in peak times and start to hold the traffic back causing a bottleneck. Then the two left lanes should be ok then and traffic should still keep moving right? "WRONG" but why though? Well the far left lane is used for merging cars on the on ramp and that lane starts to become stop start. Then that means the third lane should be still good yeah? Again wrong! Because inconsiderate drivers swerve into the 3rd lane for 2 reasons, 1 because the don't want to be in a merging lane and two, they think they can enter the Hallam bypass lanes at the last minute over the double white lanes and stop and try to fit in holding up several cars behind them. * Ok this is one solution to beat the Hallam Bypass mess, take the South Gippsland exit because majority of the time the traffic flowing, secondly take the Dandenong exit and go on the Princess Highway that will have no bumper to bumper traffic until you reach Berwick so those in Hallam and Narrewarren there's a cheat to get home quicker. Also you get your own lane when you enter the Highway cause the goverment stuffed that one to by cutting the third lane off the bridge. * Now my solutions are the Hallam bypass is in big trouble the Overpasses over the freeway only have room for a third lane not a 4th so some very expensive bridge work replaning. The freeway needs to be 4 lanes each way and Clyde Road exit needs it's own lane. * A Question I need to ask is it's all good for the outbound on the Monash but what about inbound, if the freeway does make 4 lanes each way or 3 lanes each way what's gonna happen with the South Gippsland merge, 5 or 6 lanes merge into 4? And the South Gippsland freeway that going to be widened to 3 lanes one day so that mean 7 lanes into 4 how are your going to manage that you only got a bit of time before the first over pass which is Heatherton Rd. * I think the Freeway needs some serious thinking before just a third lane is going to be put in. Start planning for the future!
  • Fedup about 8 years ago
    The Pakenham bypass opened in 07 & the Hallam bypass in 03. Both raised the capacity of the M1 to connect Sth East suburbs to the CBD and inner suburbs.THE TRAFFIC FORECASTS WERE SIGNIFICANT UNDERESTIMATES: Over most of Pakenham bypass's length daily traffic exceeded the 2011 forecast by over 50% and was close to volumes expected in 2031.Hallam bypass's daily traffic in 2010 overshot the 2011 forecasts by 15% to 29% for different sections.The consequences are serious. The decision to fund these schemes was based on an assumption that they would give sufficient capacity for the next 25yrs. By 2010 this capacity had been used up.The above summary is from the Victorian Auditor General report June 2011about the Hallam & Pakenham bypass which is very disturbing. With the above information, it puts into perspective that 1 extra lane is not going to be enough we need 2 extra lanes in both directions. Lets not let them make the same mistake again!!!
  • jlm about 8 years ago
    Today (like many other days) should not have happened. My son nearly didn't make his uni exams which started at 9.30am at Caulfield Racecourse. We left just after 7.00am from Berwick and got to our destination (totally stressed) at 9.40am. It was bumper to bumper all the way on the Monash and the traffic totally stopped wherever there was merging onto the freeway.In fact it took 10 mins just to get from the Clyde Road merging ramp onto the Freeway!My husband tells me of this hell everyday as he travels the Freeway into the City and back many times a day! But the look on my sons face told the whole picture... "fear and frustration" that he nearly failed his university course due to not being able to get to his exams on time and he is only one of thousands that have this frustration and anger they face every day. It's time NOW to make our Freeway first priority with the Government. More lanes are needed in both directions instead of wasting our tax payers money just building security fencing along the freeway. Perhaps if every member of parliament drove the freeway in peak hours the decision to improve our freeways would have been done years ago!
  • smhamo about 8 years ago
    Casey council collect millions in rates from us ratepayers and then hold stupid forums about what we think we need to fix the traffic problems, they should sort these problems out before they allow he approval of any more housing estates. This brings housands of more people to the area all expected to travel on single lane roads that go nowhere(thompsons rd,glasscocks rd, narre cranbourne rd what a joke, infastructure needs to be in place first
  • bec almost 8 years ago
    Every morning when I sit at the lights waiting to turn around the corner in Narre Warren.. you can't see if it's traffic carpark on the hwy or not until you merge around on the green arrow.. and I dread what it might be each morning! I have to go to and from work up the monash hwy everyday. It is torture!! On a public holiday when no traffic it takes 20mins to get to my work destination..only 20! Just yesterday it took 1.5 hours!!! THAT is the NORM! I have hardly any free time as that hwy takes up a huge chunk of it each day. It's because in those two lanes, I moved like a couple of inches bumber to bumber all the way until i hit the 4 lanes.. It is so frustrating, I feel for all us that have to deal with it. I have been late to my job several times because of the hwy it's TOO hard to predict and no matter how early you get up ONE accident or breakdown can bring the hwy to its knees - it is risking my job!!! no matter what I do!!! my manager is angry i sometimes end up coming late and you just can't explain how out of your hands it is when they never have to deal with it - and you try catch the train instead and metro trains are often delayed or faults - you just can't win living in casey!! PLEASE figure out something to fix it...PLEASE.