What is Endeavour Hills Community Precinct - Stage 2?

    Endeavour Hills Community Precinct - Stage 2 is the delivery of the second stage of the Endeavour Hills Town Centre upgrade. 

    The project aims to revitalise the space, which will include a new district level skate park, junior level play opportunities and family spaces for gathering and socialising. 

    Stage 1 was completed in 2016, which delivered a public square, café/kiosk and improved pedestrian connections.

    Why do we want feedback from the community?

    Your feedback has been significant in the development of the concept for this project.  We want to further extend the opportunity to select a name that has meaning to the community that use the space.

    What will happen with my feedback?

    All data will be collated by Council officers and any queries responded to as best as practicable.  Voting data will nominate the top most selected name to go to a Council meeting for approval as the official name for the precinct.

    What if I want to speak to someone in person?

    Please contact Council's Senior Landscape Architect, Aidin Blockley on 9705 5200.

    Will everything shown in the concept images be delivered?

    The concept images are subject to detailed design and all images are indicative only. The fundamental elements of the design will be delivered to the constraints of the budget and construction methods. 

    When will construction commence?

    Construction commenced in February of 2019 and works are progressing well. 

    When will the precinct open?

    The project is scheduled to be completed in early 2020.  Currently construction is ahead of schedule and we will keep you updated.