Project Updates

Project Information

The City of Casey is seeking feedback from interested parties regarding a proposed Council dedicated open data platform.

The City of Casey is committed to Open Data by default as a means of fostering greater transparency and accountability to our community, driving innovation and economic opportunities for businesses, and making us a more cost effective, efficient, and responsive organisation.

A dedicated council Open Data Platform will improve the management and use of data assets available and ensure the right data is transparent to the right parties at the right time.

What is Open Data?

Open Data is the data (held, created and collected by the City of Casey) made available to the community to access, use and share.

This data has intrinsic economic and social value not only for Council, but also Educational Institutions, State and Federal Government, Businesses and Start-ups, Community organisations, residents, and others.

Problems we can solve with Open Data.

  • How might we make our community able to access, use and share our internal data so they can make informed decisions?
  • How might we increase transparency by enabling public oversight?
  • How might we make our internal data a source of social innovation and economic growth?
  • How might we empower our Community to alert us of any gaps in our data?

What can be released under Open Data?

Most information held by council can be made available as open data. However, there are exemptions. Council will never make available information of a private, confidential, public safety, security, and legal nature available via open data.

Council already publishes some of its open data to

Project Details

Current open data project scope consists of the following components:

An Internal Proof of concept for a dedicated Open Data Portal commencing with a small number of datasets with a view to have public release of Open Data Portal in upcoming months.

An updated DRAFT Open Data Policy containing a set of guiding principles on how council manages access, maintains quality, and regulates what can and cannot be made available as open data is available on this page.

What we are asking from you.

You are invited to review the proposal and provide your feedback in the survey below.

Does the Policy address underlying governance of how the portal would operate with regards to the types of data available, the quality, and what data can be provided as open data?

What kinds of data do you think would be most beneficial to be made available via a Casey Open Data Platform?

This information will be used to further refine the policy document and platform to ensure relevant data is made available to the community, and the appropriate controls are in place to help manage Open Data at the City of Casey.

The consultation will run from Monday 7 June to Monday 28 June.