Casey City Council (Council) gives notice under Section 115(4) of the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) of its proposed intention to extend the current lease with Kanlin Pty Ltd ACN 129 224 095, of part of the property known as Crown Allotment 2001 Township of Berwick Parish of Berwick (Volume 10934/Folio 558) and located at part 1-11 Peel Street, Berwick VIC 3806, known as Pioneers Park (the Proposal). The subject property is shown outlined on the plan below.

Lease area graphic

Proposed lease area (outlined in red) within Pioneers Park, Berwick

The principal terms of the proposal are:

  • Addition of a further term of 5 years, commencing 10 July 2026
  • Rental Amount: To be determined by a market review
  • Permitted Use: Operation of a café

Enquires should be directed to Jessica Winston, Head of Property Services on (03) 9705 5200.

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