Project Information

The City of Casey is inviting the community to help choose the best locations to expand free public internet access, through selected Wi-Fi points in Doveton.

Council has identified potential locations and would like the community to vote on the preferred placement, to provide the greatest inclusion and access to our community.

Why Wi-Fi in Doveton?

The locations were selected as they are spaces where the public gather, are council owned assets and cover a wide area of Doveton.

The Wi-Fi may be provided in the form of connected smart street furniture (e.g. smart bench), or a stand-alone Wi-Fi station.

We have all experienced the need to be digitally connected throughout the current pandemic, and the City of Casey is looking to increase internet availability in key areas that need it. This will be a pilot Wi-Fi project with potential for future roll-out across other Casey locations upon further assessment of community needs.

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We would like to know three questions:

1. Which proposed sites would you like to see free Wi-Fi access?

2. What would you mainly use it for? E.g. Job seeking, school work, social media and emails, to work remotely, play online games, etc.

3. What times of day are you likely to use it? E.g. During the day or evening, after school/work, or weekends only?

We will use this information as a pilot project for other potential suburb locations who also share limited internet access or similar age, cultural or language barriers, for example.

To have your say complete the survey below.

map of Doveton proposed wi-fi

Map showing existing (red) and proposed (blue) Wi-Fi locations in the Doveton area.