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What improvements would you like to see to bus services in Casey?

over 9 years ago

  • paulest about 9 years ago
    I would like a forum about why are the parks in narre warren not being mowed?It is very nasty walking in grass that is knee high
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator about 9 years ago
      Thankyou for your comment. For the next few months, Casey Conversations is focussing on several key advocacy issues that, if successful, will make a major difference to the lives of Casey residents. These issues include improvements to main roads, public transport, broadband coverage and construction of the Casey Community Resource Centre. In relation to grass-cutting of parks in Casey, recently, a major grass-cutting contractor has not performed according to contract specifications so Council has engaged additional contractors to catch up on the backlog of mowing. Good progress is being made across the City; however, the current high rainfall and warm temperatures are causing the grass to grow more quickly than usual and there are some parks and roadsides that are currently inaccessible due to the ground being too wet. The cost of the additional contractors will be deducted from the major contractor’s normal payments.
  • AbbysMum about 9 years ago
    AS the cost of petrol continues to rise and as the world moves further past peak oil, public transport is going to become a more important factor for ALL people. Putting in place effective public transport for the people of Casey is only to be supported and congratulated as a far sighted issue.
  • Arvind about 9 years ago
    Life will be easy if we get bus services in Linsell Blvd, Cranbourne East ASAP. At the moment it is very difficult to live here if you do not know driving or do not have your own conveyance.
  • teleksterling about 9 years ago
    I'd like to see better bus services around Merinda Park Station, particularly serving the significant (and growing) developments west of the station. A shuttle/loop effectively servicing Merinda Park station, Evans Rd, Lyndhurst Blvd and Melington Drive, which met with trains would be exceptional. A 30 minute interval service would not be adequate, because we're talking about the sorts of distances that /could/ be walked in that time, but we're trying to provide a viable alternative to driving here, right?Walking and cycling networks should also be considered as part of a bus service review: people still need to be able to access the bus by foot in the first place.
  • bcoz almost 9 years ago
    I would like to see a bus route commenced in the Carlisle Park estate and other new estates in Cranbourne North. It would be very convenient to have the sevice through to the centre of Cranbourne. Springhill drive is an obvious possibility as it has west bound access from Thompsons road past the new primary school and back to Thompsons road. There is already a bus service along Thompsons road from Narre Warren. It would be a small adjustment to the route and would add greatly to the accessability for residents in the estate.
  • Tej almost 9 years ago
    I would like to see more bus services in the new estates like Eve, Avenue to link them to nearby rail station like Marinda Park, Narre Warren etc. At the moment there is no bus service available within these estates.
  • helsy_x almost 9 years ago
    We do have bus services linking some parts of the local area to the Hallam Railway station, as well as a shuttle that operates, but the times are few and far between and do not link up well to the train timetable. This applies to all Casey train stations (not to mention the non existing but 'in planning' ghost stations at Lakeside and Lynbrook).
  • coxfamoz over 8 years ago
    Could we have bus services that extend from Merinda Park station into Lynbrook and the new developments of Lyndhurst? Also, there are some people in the new Melington and Marriott Waters estates of Lyndhurst that would be well served by a bus route into Cranbourne and to Fountain Gate. It seems to me a poor reflection on government to order an urban growth strategy without considering a sustainable form of public transport for the new residents. With such a growing population this has been one area that has been grossly neglected.
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
      Council understands that the current bus routes and timetables do not adequately serve the Casey community and residents of new estates, including Marriott Waters in Lyndhurst, which is currently un-serviced by any existing, or proposed, bus route.In addition to services needed in many new estates, the City of Casey is also advocating to the State Government for:• Enhanced bus services running seven days a week from early morning to late evening. • Services to be increased to 30 minute frequencies on local services during the day and higher frequencies during peak periods. • Local bus timetables to be more closely coordinated with the trains. We would encourage you to also contact your local MP and the Minister for Public Transport on this issue which will assist and support Council’s advocacy campaign.