Is there any out of pocket on effecting residents?

    The road upgrade construction will be funded by City of Casey and DCP fund.

    When the construction will commence & duration of the construction?

    We have currently appointed Cardno consultants for detailed design of this road. Construction is anticipated to start in  early 2020. Council will keep residents notified at commencement of construction. It is anticipated that construction to complete within six month from the construction begin subject to weather condition.

    Traffic detour & disruption during construction?

    Traffic management signs and detour will be implemented during construction, however affected resident will be allowed to drive in and out to their property.

    Will public lighting part of this project?

    Public lighting will be included part of this project and authority standard will be met.

    Will there be an opportunity to change of work scope?

    There is no opportunity to change work alignment, Council will continue develop adjoining area as per council plan & budget near future.

    What will happen to driveway?

    All the affected residents from Railway Road & North of Ballarto Road will have a concrete drive from the road to property line as a part of this project, there is no out of pocket expense required for residents.

    All affected drive ways from South of Ballarto road will be reinstated to asphalt cross-over, there is no out of pocket expense required for the residents. Please note, this will be one for one replacement andCouncil will not be providing additional driveways or access points.

    Will there be a footpath along the road?

    Footpath has been proposed as a part of this project. Please refer plans for the alignment and proposed site.

    Will the emergency vehicle allowed during construction?

    Emergency vehicle & service will be allowed all the time