5 months ago

What we heard about the Draft Revegetation Strategy

Thank-you for taking the time to provide feedback on the draft Revegetation Strategy. Your feedback will shape the final revegetation strategy.

Below is a snapshot of what we heard and how we can incorporate your feedback and what Council is doing to implement your suggestions.

· External stakeholders including neighbouring Councils will be listed as a key stakeholder in the final Revegetation Strategy

· Targets will reflect the minimum number of trees to be planted, creating the flexibility to reach and exceed our planting numbers

· Examples of how many trees planted in previous years and the number of volunteers engaged will be added to provide context.

· Look at buffers around suggested corridors and research future potential corridors to strengthen the protection of these vital pieces of connected habitat

· Council’s Friends Group network recently discussed how to improve the promotion and of environmental volunteer groups and their events.

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Consultation has concluded