What is the School Crossings Program?

    The School Crossings Program is a service run by Council to assist pedestrians to safely cross roads around schools during peak times.

    There are currently 250 school crossing supervisors working in the City of Casey, run by a dedicated Coordination Team who ensure that all 202 school crossings are supervised on a daily basis.

    Why has the School Crossings Program been selected for review?

    With Casey being such a large and growing city and our population expected to exceed half a million residents by 2041, Council needs to ensure it maintains, improves and invests in its services in a strategic and innovative way and ensure their long-term viability.

    To help plan for this, Casey undertook service planning in 2018/19, which enabled the organisation to comprehensively understand the services it delivers and manages on behalf of the community.

    Following a thorough analysis of all service plans, services which highlighted specific issues or considerations such as legislation and funding changes and changing service demands, were identified for review. The School Crossings Program was one of a number of services under the umbrella of Community Safety identified for review. 

    The School Crossings Program is experiencing increasing costs. This includes setting up new school crossing sites, training for school crossing supervisors, equipment and costs associated with the coordination and maintenance of the existing school crossings (i.e. rostering).

    What is the purpose of this service review?

    The service review will enable Council to identify ways it can improve the service, ensuring it continues to meet the needs and expectations of the Community whilst ensuring it is sustainable into the future.

    Who provides the School Crossings Program?

    The Council operates and funds the School Crossings Program. Funding of the school crossing supervisors is shared between VicRoads and the Council.

    How does Council determine where to place a school crossing?

    The location of a school crossing is influenced by:

    - Community demand – through requests, petitions and complaints or enacted by Council due to community concerns.

    - Government initiatives – with the opening of new schools, school crossings are built into the budget.

    - VicRoad warrants – pedestrian and traffic counts meet the requirements under the VicRoads Program.

    The actual location of the school crossing is determined by traffic engineers.

    How will my feedback help with the review?

    The service review is still in its infancy and like any service review Council undertakes, the outcome is not predetermined. The intention is to consider opportunities for improvements across the service for the future.

    Council is engaging with the community to gain insight into the current delivery of the school crossings service. Your feedback will help Council understand what areas are doing well and what areas require improvement.

    In addition, it will assist in identifying ways to improve the service and to ensure it is sustainable in a rapidly growing community.

    What is a Service Review?

    A Service Review is a thorough check in of a service that focusses on key issues, culture and ultimately identifying long term efficiencies within the service.  It includes strong community/stakeholder engagement and governance around decision making.

    A Service Review is managed by the Service Planning and Review Team and may include additional stakeholders.

    How will this review affect our community?

    As the needs and expectations of our community change it is important for councils to have robust process’ for service planning and review to ensure all services continue to provide value for money and are in line with community expectations.