What is the difference between sponsorship and partnership?

    Sponsorship is traditionally a transactional approach (whereby goods, services or cash are exchanged for a series of benefits) and is generally short-term in nature, i.e. a season, for a specific event, etc.

    Partnership is more of a relationship-type approach, based on both parties sharing a set of values and vision. Generally partnerships are often for a longer period of time, i.e. three to five years. 

    How will this affect me?

    Sponsorship support and the development of partnerships enables Council to deliver a diverse range of events and projects by enhancing the quality of delivered services or facilities to meet the needs of Casey’s growing community.

    Why do we need this policy?

    Council recognises that a sponsorship/partnership policy is essential to:

    • Ensure a uniform approach to sponsorship across Council.
    • Provide a level of accountability and responsibility.
    • Establish Council’s requirements for entering into sponsorship partnerships.
    • Co-ordinate and maximise sponsorship and partnering opportunities.
    • Ensure a consistent, fair, impartial and transparent approach to sponsorship and the forming of partnerships.
    • Ensure that the reputation, brand and public image of Council is protected.
    • Ensure that risks are managed.
    Provide clear guidelines on the nature of sponsors/partners that do not conflict with Council’s vision and key objectives. 

    Can any businesses be considered to enter into a partnership or sponsorship agreement with Council?

    Council will not enter into any sponsorship or partnership arrangement with any external party who are seen to be in potential conflict with Councils’ responsibilities to the community, or whose reputation or image could prove detrimental to the public image of Council involving but not exclusive to:

    • Manufacture, distribution or wholesaling of tobacco and associated products
    • Gaming and gambling providers, products and services
    • Sex industry
    • Political parties

    In situations where there may be doubt regarding an external party’s exclusion, acceptance of sponsorship or as a partner will be determined on a case by case basis.