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In your opinion, which key arterial road and intersection improvements are most important to you?

over 8 years ago

This consultation has concluded.

  • Madmel over 8 years ago
    We seriously need 2 lanes on Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road going from Narre Warren to Cranbourne (past Casey shopping centre). 1 lane is really not enough considering the amount of traffic that uses it. With buses and cars trying to merge from the left hand side (at the last minute) it is becoming increasingly dangerous. With the amount of growth in this area, it is staggering to me that this hasn't been thought of, or acted upon by now! In this day and age, 2 lanes should be the norm on any road in Narre Warren and the surrounding areas.
  • holdenfe over 8 years ago
    Pound Rd from Belgrave Hallam Rd to Webb St is a joke. What an entrance to Narre Warren from the South Gippsland Hwy, it is disgraceful. I would love to know who designed the bus stop at the intersection of Shrives and Pound Rd, it is just crazy. I invite any Casey engineer to go down to this intersection any time after 5.30pm and have a look at the cars going all over the place in trying to go around the stupid kerb and channel of this bus stop and attempting to miss the cars turning turn right into Pound Rd. And l feel really sorry for any car wanting to do a right hand turn from Pound into Shrives, they simply cant do it unless they take a chance. Traffic lights are a must at this intersection.
  • thechristoff over 8 years ago
    THOMPSON ROAD!!!!! This HAS to be THE WORST outer surburban road within Melbourne. In parts it is like a cattle track, a embrassment to the area, in my view, the traffic is MUCH worse than Narre-Warren Cranbourne Road. It's ended up like building the bathroom and not putting the pipes in!!! The roundabout needs to go - at Western Port Highway and Thompson Road, with urgency...It should have been done five years ago...what is needed is a freeway standard ramp.Evans road roundabout also needs to be replaced with signals. The road needs to be three lanes in either directon from Lesdon Avenue to beyond Western Port Highway. In the meantime, traffic signals, and warning signs, need to be installed at Merinda Park Railway Station to protect the people who run for thier lives accross the road. There is currently no warning signage or lights.A pavement for people who live in Lyndhurst is also a basic right. People should not have to walk along the nature strip. This is not a third world country. The speed limit from Evans Road to South Gippsland Highway should also be 60km/h not 80km/h due to the narrow and dangerous nature of the road.Money has been spent on a right turn lane at Lonsdale Cresent, but how about Lesdon Avenue? There are NO road markings let alone an upgrade...and the duplication finishes with no lines to direct taffic to merge, just a confused, dangerous muddle.This road is almost unusable. Why the government has been dragging it's heels is a mystery to me.
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
      Thank you for your comments.Council is continuing to advocate for the State Government to commit to the duplication of Thompsons Road, between South Gippsland Highway and the Western Port Highway. In April 2011, Council wrote to the Minister for Public Transport and Roads and also met with VicRoads and Department of Transport representatives on the immediate need to upgrade road and public transport facilities in the Lyndhurst area. The Minister has indicated in his response to Council that VicRoads is planning for future upgrades of Thompsons Road, but funding will need to be considered.In regards to the footpath in Lyndhurst, it is difficult to provide a footpath at this time due to the rural nature of Thompsons Road through the Lyndhurst area. Council has been actively advocating for the State Government to upgrade Thompsons Road which would facilitate pedestrian and cycle access through this area. Council has also recently written to the Minister for Public Transport and Roads seeking the inclusion of a footpath connection between the Merinda Park Railway Station and the Marriott Waters estate as part of the State Government commuter car parking upgrade project for the station. We would encourage you to contact your local Member of Parliament to take urgent action on behalf of all Casey residents which will assist and support Council’s advocacy campaign.
  • Rosemary over 8 years ago
    Traffic congestion, particularly in peak hour, is impacting on a small intersection in Cranbourne crossing an arterial road. I'm sure there is a way to change the traffic flow to ensure the safety of road users until the intersection can be widened or a more controlled system is in place.The intersection of Sladen Street and Codrington Street has two traffic issues, from my experience:1. In peak hour traffic between High Street and Cameron street builds up blocking the Sladen/Codrington intersection, preventing vehicles entering or crossing Sladen Street.2. Vehicles turning right (east and west) from Sladen into Codrington; vehicles turning right from Codrington onto Sladen (east and west); and vehicles crossing the intersection from Codrington (north and south) create a hazard as currently there is not enough room to accommodate all vehicles when more than one vehicle is making a turn or crossing. The centre median area is insufficient to carry current traffic flow.
  • bvdl75 over 8 years ago
    Glasscocks rd needs to be completed between Western port Hwy and the Berwick Cranbourne Rd, I cant believe developers were allowed to develop the area around it without finishing it. Currently it is in several short sections if it was all joined up it could relieve some of the pressure from Thomson Rd and aid traffic congestion in the housing estates it runs through. Particularly the Western end needs to be completed as a priority to help traffic out on to South Gippsland Hwy and western port hwy.
  • bvdl75 over 8 years ago
    One of the other problems is the numerous missing over passes on railway lines such as Abbots Rd, Pound Rd west, Aylmer Rd, and all the half-finished roads such as the missing links between Ormond Rd to Lynbrook Blvd and Glasscocks Rd which I have a completely separate post on. Please can we finish the roads that are started so that traffic can get to where it needs to go rather than having to meander through back streets or be funneled into traffic jams.
  • ned over 8 years ago
    I agree that Thompson road is hazardous, too inadequate to accommodate for articulated trucks and cars (okay in the days of horse and buggy). People in this area need alternative roads to cut through which may help eliminate hazards such as nearly getting wiped off the road and finding yourself at the morgue. Arterial roads needed would include those intersecting The Hunt Club and Cascades on Clyde estates. I think people would feel safer on them than dicing with death on Berwick-Cranbourne and Thompson Roads. And, speaking of health, completing Linsell Boulevard would allow people the choice to walk or ride to the local school rather than taking the car the long way around. This way it would satisfy the Heart Foundation's efforts in promoting health and fitness in the community, not to mention keep down pollution levels (and that dreaded Carbon business). Health care and pollution add to the costs in the community and, If money talks, you could factor these into budget savings perhaps, just an idea.
  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
    Delivery of road network improvements in growth areas typically lags behind the housing development for a range of reasons. These include land being in different ownership and hence development can leave pockets where road connections are not completed between estates until a property in the middle develops. There are also sections of the road network such as Aylmer Road and Glasscocks Road where a crossing of the railway line is required. Grade separated railway crossings are outside the capacity of Council to fund and these components of the road network will need to be provided through State or Federal funding.
    • bvdl75 over 8 years ago
      Well as a council you should not approve such developments until a coherent access plan is provided and the road infrastructures should have to be complete before the developer can begin to sell the land for housing. This is all part of town planning.Why are grade separated railway crossings outside the capacity of a council its simply a matter of setting requirements to developers. If that means a developer has to fund a crossing 5 or 10 km down the road from his development to ensure proper access then that simply has to be part of the planning approval.
  • icelady35 over 8 years ago
    The road needs to be sealed and a roundabout on Grices road and Soldiers road, a lot of traffic use this now, not only to get to schools but to avoid the mess at coles on Oshea rd.Thompson needs to be widened to 4 lanes from Narre warren/Cranbourne road right through to Soldiers road, not only do you have loads of trucks now using this road right through but also with Berwick waters estate, would it not be best to get it done now, also including Pound rd as this new estate will run along this as well. The end of soldiers road should be sealed as well.Thompsons Road from South Gippsland Hwy to Dandenony Valley Hwy needs to be made four lanes, not only is this a major road, with a lot more housing estates to come, it is killing people. I've seen trucks clip mirrors trying to get past eachother on this road.Berwick-Cranbourne Road between High st and Clyde Five ways road, you not only have Casey Fields but about 4 new housing estates along this road, a single lane each way is just not going to be enough.Berwick/ Cranbourne Road and Clyde Five ways road from Thompsons road to South Gippsland Hwy needs to be widened to 4 lanes, this road is a major pain in the ass, you have trucks from the estates, dandy pre mix, tgs etc and back luck if you are stuck behind one as the road isn't quite wide enough the stones get flicked onto your car.The roundabout at the intersection of Linsell Bvd and Berwick/Cranbourne Rd needs to be changed to traffic lights, its just a matter of time before someone is killed, the cars/trucks coming along berwiick/cran road just don't want to give way at this roundabout and have seen a few near misses.
  • Jethro over 8 years ago
    Green arrows at traffic lights can be useful – especially with heavy oncoming traffic, but red arrows are redundant : obviously in heavy traffic, but in cases of light or pulses of no traffic, they serve only to waste fuel and increase driver frustration. If {as one would assume} the aim of VicRoads is to improve traffic flow and increase driver safety, they would abolish red arrows and hopefully introduce digital timing signs as they have in several other countries {eg. Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam to name a few.} If on the other hand, their aim is to simply raise revenue {as some cynics have purported,} then we will have to resign ourselves to red arrows, wasting fuel and frustrating delays. Vicroads also doubles as a revenue collecting arm of the government, but hopefully our beloved councillors will see fit to remove red arrows in Casey so our borough is a more enjoyable place to drive in. If Casey were to introduce digital timing indicators at intersections, they would be trendsetters too!
  • RandomMan over 8 years ago
    THE SOUTH GIPPSLAND FWY NEEDS TO HAVE 3 LANES! During peak hour time there is SO MUCH TRAFFIC on this freeway, it is just not funny. I think there is enough space in the middle to do so. Also the intersection of Narre Warren North Rd and Overland Drive NEEDS TRAFFIC LIGHTS. We go here almost every Saturday and it is one of the slowest points of our trip! When we get to the roundabout, there are lots of cars piled up to go through the roundabout that we are so far back!
    • Simmo over 8 years ago
      To Random Man.* The South Gippsland HIGHWAY I am pretty sure your talking about lol, has been planned for 3 lanes each way. Unfortuently this is not a priority at the moment to get the 3rd lanes built on the highway. There are other roads that have a higher priority over this. * Also because it is a highway there not just going to build a third lane for a small distance of it, they will do it for a great distance of the highway which will cost a lot of Money and time so a massive project. * But if you do mean the South Gippsland Freeway there is not much traffic on it at all. It's in no need for a upgrade! The South Gipplands Freeway turns into the Western Port Freeway at Lynbrook which has all the round abouts and yes they need to upgrade them or over pass the all :). * And to Overland drive round about, yeah I understand your issue with it but I have a great feeling after the Fountaingate upgrade they will be signalizing that intersection.
      • RandomMan over 8 years ago
        Actually, I did mean the South Gippsland Freeway. But OK, good point about the hwy. STILL, THE FREEWAY DOES NEED AN EXTRA LANE because the problem is that the Monash fwy has 4 lanes (not enough) and the traffic builds back onto the M420 Fwy and the M1 Hallam Bypass. TRY GOING ON THE M420 FWY ON WEEKDAYS AT ABOUT 8AM. Most of the time, it's BUMPER TO BUMPER!And I hope your Overland Drive reply is correct.
        • Simmo over 8 years ago
          Thanks for your reply :). The monash freeway inbound traffic after the billion dollar upgrade to add a 4th lane in the medium reserve has actully not really improved the traffic at all, it's actully worse than ever. But outbound has improved dramatically. As you are proberly aware the Hallam Bypass has reached it capacity and a summit meeting is called for the 16th of November to discuss the freeway future. Both Freeways the south gippy and monash come to a stand still in the morning, why because the goverment thought they could join to busy freeways into 4 lanes when they merge together. Now the Hallam bypass is in need for a urgent upgrade for more then 3 lanes a 4th lane even. Now if they upgrade the bypass and south gippy you got 7 lanes merging into 4 as the monash has no more land reserve to be a 5 lane freeway. As you can see the proberly actully pretty big. You will never fix peak hour but u can make it more bearable. On the 16th of November we will find out about both freeways futures. And for overland drive I think the round about there to slow the traffic down. That's my theroy about the roun about, maybe the council can give you a better answer?
          • RandomMan about 8 years ago
            You're right. The M1 inbound really hasn't improved with the 4th lane at all. This will cost a lot of cash, but if they make 3 lanes on the M420 and have 4 on the M1 bypass section, then there will be 7 lanes when they join. But as I said, LOTS OF MONEY. Also where heatherton road (Route 14) meets with the monash outbound that area is a big mistake. people who want to continue on the hallam bypass have to jump 2 lanes in a km and not many people let them do that so it causes lots of TRAFFIC. What they should do (again costing a fortune) is have a special ramp for people joining the M1 outbound from R14 that goes overhead then splits in 2 directions: left for M420 and right for M1. if there are 3 lanes on the ramp before splitting and the middle lane goes both ways, then there will be two lanes for each direction, then joining the 2 fwys after they split from the Monash Fwy, in turn adding 2 lanes to either side
          • RandomMan about 8 years ago
  • jlm about 8 years ago
    THOMPSON ROAD is so outdated and needs an urgent upgrade. I ask, how many deaths will it take before council listens? A few years ago my 23 year old neice was killed (a month before her wedding) when a truck hit and landed on top of her car as she waiting to do a right hand turn into a veterinary clinic. She stood no chance. A right hand lane was built not long after this incident, so it was a known dangerous part of the road and it took for my neice to be killed before action was taken. But there are many more dangerous areas along Thompson Road, needing more lanes and improvements.....I ask, "who's neice, nephew, daughter, son, brother, sister, husband or wife will be next, before action will be taken?"
  • daniel almost 8 years ago
    Please please force the casey councillors to travel on Thompsons road during peak hour for a week and them ask again if they dont think the road needs to be duplicated and have traffic lights put in... I know it would mean they'd have to cut down a lot of nice looking trees but perhaps they could extend to only one side, leaving at least one row of trees, and it probably be better anyway given the amount of pollution the cars are spitting out from sitting idle at each major intersection for half an hour.
  • Not Happy almost 8 years ago
    Rather than spend millions upgrading roads, how about just allowing cars to go from one set of traffic lights to another without stopping everytime. I can drive towards a green light for what seems like ages only to get there when the lights turn red. Speeding drivers seem to get through while lay abiding drivers stop everytime. This would not cost a great deal it's just a simple resetting of traffic light timing.