What is an integrated transport strategy?

    The transport strategy is the blueprint framework for how we will plan and invest in the transport system for the next 30 years.  The transport strategy looks to improve current deficiencies within the transport system and cater for growth in the network.  An integrated transport strategy caters for all modes of transport, and understands the relationship between land use and the transport system.  A transport strategy is required to effectively plan for the transport needs of Casey residents. 

    What is sustainable transport?

    Sustainable transport refers to modes of transport that help meet the needs of the current population with the least harmful effect on future generations. Transport that minimises harmful effects on the environment and the depletion of natural resources. These transport modes include public transport, walking and cycling. 

    What is a' smart city' approach to transport planning?

    It involves how both information and communication technologies can improve the functioning of the transport system. Smart cities cleverly use data to improve the mobility and ultimately, quality of life of its residents. 

    What is a 20 minute neighbourhood?

    A 20-minute neighbourhood is a place where all day-to-day services are within 20 minutes of walking, cycling and public transport.  This includes: schools and day care, services (doctors, post etc.), shops, parks and recreational areas, local jobs, and transport options to other key activity centres.  Therefore, day-to-day activities don't require large commute times, resulting in positive economic, environmental and social outcomes. 

    Who is responsible for transport planning in the City of Casey?

    The City of Casey is responsible for local roads, paths and trails, walking and cycling infrastructure within the region.  Public transport and the declared arterial road network is the state government's responsibility. 

    What happens after consultation ?

    The strategy will be further refined to reflect community views on what they want for the transport system.  The strategy and action plan will be developed for council endorsement in December 2017.