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What questions or comments would you like raised/discussed at the Better Roads Better Buses Better Trains Forum?

about 8 years ago

This consultation has concluded.

  • result about 8 years ago
    When will the residents of LYNDHURST have a bus srevice thru the various estates to link us up with trains,shops, medical centres.?At present we DO NOT have any bus service. we need a commitment date to start one we have been deprived too long .
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator about 8 years ago
      Thanks for your comments. Council is aware that improved bus services are required in Casey and a key priority in Council’s advocacy campaign is to lobby the State Government for new and improved bus services. The provision of new services in residential estates such as Lyndhurst, Botanic Ridge and Cascades on Clyde is required to ensure that these communities have equitable access to a range of transport options.Council will continue to advocate for improved bus services throughout the municipality through the upcoming transport forum.
  • thechristoff about 8 years ago
    THOMPSON ROAD! THIS HAS TO BE THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ROAD PROJECT IN OUTER-METRO MELBOURNE.* The end of the current duplication is dangerous. There are no road markings.* No turn lanes for Leasdon Road intersection. * No pavement for new residents in Lyndhurst* Speed limit too high for road conditions* Street lighting is poor* Road duplication - needs to be three lanes in either direction onward from Leasdon Avenue to Taylors Lane (Frankston City Council)* Western Port Highway roundabout needs to be full off/on ramp such as at Eastlink/Thompson Road* Evans road/Thompson Road needs a signalled intersection* warning signs and/or ped lights needed for people crossing at Merdina Park Station* Speed limit should be 60km/h between Leasdon Avenue and Evans Road (in current state of disrepair and danger)* Speed limit should be 70km/h to A780 Western Port Highway (until an upgrade) - people have to break suddenly.* sensored traffic lights at the Western Port Highway intersection should be removed as a short term measure as it delays traffic* No start on Cranbourne West industrual precient until the road is duplicated - the road can not cope with any further pressure.* Western Port Highway should be upgraded to Freeway standard as soon as is possible, and this crazy 'roundabout bvd' situation solved.CRANBOURNE EAST RAIL* When will it be built? urgency of need (esp with the current position of the GAA and the new urban growth boundary)* Stony-point style rail shuttle to Koo-Wee-Rup CITY OF GREATER DANDENONG - GLASSCOCKS ROAD* Needs sealing completed. The heavy traffic on Thompson Road is causing road uses to detour to this road, it is narrow and dangerous, the non-posted speed limit is 100km/h. NARRE-WARREN CRANBOURNE ROAD DUPLICATION* Prioritise Pound Road - Thompson Road, again, poor streetlighting* Speed limit increased to 80km/h on completionCRANBOURNE-FRANKSTON ROAD* Road upgraded and duplicated, speed limit was dropped 20km/h to 80km/h? why?
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator about 8 years ago
      Thanks for your comments. Council looks forward to providing residents' feedback at the upcoming transport forum.
    • owen about 8 years ago
  • ResidentT about 8 years ago
    . Monash Freeway extended to 3 lanes to support heavy peak hour traffic which comes to a stand still at the Sth Gippsland merge in both directions and will be further exacerbated by the expanding population in the growth corridor and communters from Gippsland Region.. Sth Gippsland Freeway/Hwy exit to be expanded to 3 lanes from Abbotts to Thompsons Rd (major road use for outer suburbs). Liaise with Greater Dandenong to expand Sth Gippsland Hwy to 3 lanes between Greens Road and Pound Rd. Expansion of lanes and better roads on Hallam South Rd (which I believe is beginning in 2012). Extension of Glasscocks Rd from Western Port Hwy to South Gippsland Hwy to Narre Warren Rd and continue to Berwick Cranbourne Rd . Connection of Lybrook Blvd to Hallam Rd to reduce traffic cutting through Livingstone Rise and Central Rd to Sth Gippland Hwy. Widening of Central Rd to even out the road, include paved or marked side walk/curb parking for on street parking on Central Road as on Ormond Rd
  • Craig about 8 years ago
    The roundabout at the intersection of Thompsons Rd and The Western Port Highway needs to be expanded with additional lanes, or replaced with lights with additional lanes. Currently it causes a major bottleneck during busy times. As a result commuters are traveling along Boland Drive, Lyndhurst Blvd, Melington Drive to Glasscocks Rd to avoid the delays at the roundabout. Mostly they tend to ignore the local traffic speed of 50km, and drive through our suburban streets at full speed. This is creating a great danger to local residents and children.There is a Porter Davis billboard at the corner of Boland Dr and Lyndhurst Blvd. This is restricting the view of turning traffic. I have seen numerous near misses at this intersection because of this sign.Glasscocks Rd needs to be surfaced.An underpass under the railway line so Lyndhurst residents have access to Lynbrook needs to be completed ASAP.
  • ck_lkc about 8 years ago
    - Traffic Lights at the Merinda Park Station exit! After a long train ride, it takes an additional 15-30mins just to exit the car park!- Glasscocks Rd need to be extended to meet with the Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road- Road to link Lyndhurst to Lynbrook
  • David about 8 years ago
    Aylmer Road needs to have an underpass put in (by the new train station) to connect Lyndhurst and Lynbrook for residents ASAP.Also train users soon face having a 10km drive to get from the carpark on one side of the station to the carpark on the other side if one is full.
  • priscilla about 8 years ago
    As a Lyndhurst resident I have no choice but to drive up to 10 minutes just to go to the local shops, doctors, dentist, abc childcare centre etc. The jouney time would be just a few minutes if the Aylmer Road underpass was built. During peak hours I often walk for 20 minutes to Lynbrook village just because the drive with traffic is too much. My other issue is trying to leave Merinda park station. The constant flow off traffic on Thompson road makes it impossible to exit quickly. I usually have to wait in a queue of cars up to 20minutes just to leave the car park!
  • Danica (Removed) about 8 years ago
    Glasscocks road needs completing! This would solve many problems with traffic in and out of Lyndhurst and Lynbrook.We have been being promised a road since 2007! Surely we've waited long enough!
  • pauljulian about 8 years ago
    * Thompsons Rd - should not be a single lane road between Sandhurst and the South Gippsland Hwy - the trouble was taken to expand it to three lanes as you approach Sth Gippsland Hwy, but apart from that it's terrible - and there's so much disused land that could be turned into at least a dual carriageway.* Evans Road - we've noticed that it's finally being sealed from Boland Drive (where we are) up towards the rail line and then to South Gippsland Hwy, but only because a new estate is going in there and I believe they paid 50%, that was the only way funding was going to occur. This will make a trip to Lynbrook shopping centre last 2 minutes, instead of the current 10 (having to go all the way around Thompsons-Sth Gippsland).* Boland Drive - as mentioned, we have people racing through here at all hours (busiest from about 6:30am-9am and again at 3pm-6pm) - there is no regard for the permanent 40km/hr speed limit outside the primary school or the 50km in the rest of the estate, and the bulk of people using it are tradies/fluro vest guys who can't be bothered going down Westernport Hwy to Thompsons Road because of the delays/single lane. This is something I'll never get used to, especially considering we're home all day (work from there)...There is talk of speed humps going in through Mellington and part of Boland Drive to allieviate it, but the real problem ?* .....Glasscocks Road ! We've only been living here a year, but to see that the extension from the Westernport Hwy to Sth Gippsland Hwy to Narre Warren/Berwick has been in the pipeline for 4, almost 5, years defies belief. It's even proposed on the Melways each year, and you can see how it would be a great thing to have. I can't believe that people drive up from the Frankston-Dandenong Road along a pretty much single lane, potholed, corrugated dirt road, then decide they can go through a residental area to get to Cranbourne/Evans Road - but sheep do as sheep see.* No walkways/paths to Merinda Park - myself or my partner occasionally take the train to the city and find it hard to believe that you have to risk your life along Thompsons Road on the dirt shoulder to get to the station (or dice with your life walking alongside the railway line). Another reason for traffic issue here is the fact the V/Line or Metrol have never changed the sensitivity/timing of the booms to the trains - it used to be that you'd have V/Line trains racing through express at 100km so you'd put the booms down early. Nowdays it's just Metro trains, and the sensors fire off for a good 5 minutes before the train arrives or departs from Merinda Park.* I think out of all this, my beef is that the area is expanding so quickly (Quarters on Evans Road, Ambrosia on Westernport Hwy) and even a business park on Evans Road (!), all with single lane roads and it needs to be a priority that these get upgraded sooner than later....we're so disappointed in the area for those reasons, we even considered moving to the country just to get peace and quiet and no road rage !
  • Ghazan about 8 years ago
    It is quite irony to see how Australia s one of the progress nation in the world have improper and inadequate infrastructure planning. It would be to do what is 1st prior to follow the next sequence in any matters. If you are going to have new towns popping up like mushroom, then why never think of the road users and the growth of community. Growth of community means growth of traffic. So perhaps if all concern and intelligent responsible officials takes their responsibility seriously, they would have good for sight of the future in any development. You cant expect things to fall into place by itself. This is the modern intelligent world. Why not plan before we even implemented them? So rightfully the new estates, prior to approval would see roads, extension, widening, proper traffic intersection, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, bypass, over and under bridge, sheltered bus stops, street lighting, future bus routes...etc...etc... If all necessary effort and planning were done earlier, perhaps the community would suffer less pain and less frustration. More than that the country, the shire, the town, saves lots of money and can be used for betterment of the society. Fail to plan....Plan to fail.
    • bvdl75 about 8 years ago
      Yes that’s how it was done in the 50's roads, rail and tram were all extended then land sold off so all infrastructure was in place. There are many photos of housing developments from that era with trams, trains and busses traveling across empty estates as they all in and operational before the subdivision is sold off. Nowadays it seems town planers have forgotten how to plan.
  • lazzar about 8 years ago
    Fix the Hallam bypass! It does not take a genius to see the problem with merging 4 lanes onto 2 outbound on the Monash, although I'm quite sure VicRoads will cite their "research" and "traffic simulations" when asked about it though. The traffic lights on the ramps are also a great improvement (not).
  • thechristoff about 8 years ago
    I encourage everyone to join the Facebook group 'Upgrade Thompson Road' if they wish.
  • Narre Norther about 8 years ago
    Not only do new areas of Casey need bus services but what about the older areas where there has never been access to public transport. There needs to be a bus service that provides transport along Hallam North road to Endeavour Hills shopping centre. Residents living in Churchill Park Drive and the estates that connect to it have no way to get to Endeavour Hills or anywhere for that matter via bus services. Please consider this area to be included as a high priority. We have been putting up with no transport for years. Surely the residents in this area should be attended to before new areas.
  • mark about 8 years ago
    is it correct that Thompsons Road (as opposed to Thompson rd) will have a major upgrade and be continued from Berwick-Cranbourne Rd Clyde North through to Koo Wee Rup Road Pakenham South as a secondary east west arterial? when is this likely to occur or at least be planned/land set aside?Surely with the population growth, expanded UGB and planned employment corridor to the south of the Pakenham Bypass, this would be well justified. Not to mention the planned Port of Hastings upgrade requiring a strategic route to Gippsland.i'm sure this road will be on the agenda for the forum, but if not i would like it asked thank you.
  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator about 8 years ago
    Thank you to residents that have submitted questions and comments to Council regarding roads and transport in the region to be presented for consideration at the forum.
  • Madmel about 8 years ago
    1. Pentland Drive is a crescent road. Hoons tend to use this as a dragway at all hours of the day and night. After writing to the council to request speed humps or raised pavements or the like (as on other roads in the immediate area) I was told that it was not of importance nor warranted because the street is not a main thoroughfare. I guess when someone gets killed or a house gets driven into, it may become important then! Until then, I will worry about the safety of pedestrians, pets, children, etc. The simple task of driving out of your driveway becomes a hazard as once checking that the road is clear, speeding drivers coming around the corner suddenly appear, and they aren't going to stop in time!2. An extra lane on Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road needs to be added from Greaves Rd all the way to virtually the Sth Gippsland Highway. It is such a growth area with new estates, etc. I am gobsmacked as to why this hasn't happened already! Two lanes on our roads these days should be an absolute minimum!3. The Narre Warren station isn't safe enough for commuters and cars parked in the area, nor is there enough parking. Something needs to be done with regards to loiterers, etc. hanging around the station. It is such a busy hub of restaurants, etc. there should be more done to attract and protect people using the area.4. The M1 (Monash Freeway) should be 3 lanes at a minimum from the South Gippsland Hwy turn off all the way through to, and beyond Berwick. The bottle-neck inbound and outbound in peak hour traffic is a nightmare and unacceptable given the amount of road users in these areas.5. Traffic lights on the freeway on-ramps are useless. When the freeway is at a stand-still, the traffic on the ramps hold up traffic on the main roads they run off!
  • Simmo about 8 years ago
    Hallam Road! Princess Highway to Pound Rd. *Why has this part of the road have no funding. The cars, trucks, buses and pedestrians that use this part of the road are all dangerously merging and pulling out in front of each other. How could the council approve it to be an industrial area with the condition the roads in? Half the road falling apart! The intersection at the Princess Highway is appalling, why isn't there a dedicated left turn lane or 2 right turning lanes. All to often do I see the traffic struggling to fit at the intersection. I am aware this will happen when it's upgraded but when? Also I don't care how much it cost but Hallam rd better get a grade seperation at the train tracks if that's road upgraded 2 lanes each way with train tracks, you might as well spill your money down the drain.Hallam Road Ormond Rd to South Gippsland Highway!*Again we have to wait for funding, you have the tip and the Cranbourne traffic entering there can be a deadly combination with trucks being the main vehicles there. Also the intersection at the South Gippsland Highway - Hallam road, I hear the reason for no traffic lights is because you want to join Evans road with Hallam Road. Um.......... Hello do you have any idea how dangerous this intersection is. PUT THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS IN!!!!! And worry about the other puzzle pieces later. Where not going to lose a life at this intersection how do you think a road with 33000 vehicles on it going to go with trying to leave Hallam Road safely. Also I am aware the area Pound road to Ormond road being upgraded very soon. That's great news but the other areas need funding as well.
  • RD about 8 years ago
    Public toilet at Hallam Train Station.Car security and personal safety issues addressed at all train stations.A bus network actually where people live, with better frequency-especially in the Coastal Villages, Endeavour Hills and Hampton Park.Urgent upgrade of the southern portion of Clyde Fiveways Rd.
  • bill Carr about 8 years ago
    Why have we got all these huge buses going round & round Berwick day & night 7 days a week when the vast majority of them are empty & the rest lucky to have 3 or 4 passengers. They obviously serve no useful purpose and only add to an already over congested road system. In an age when we are supposedly so concerned about our environment & carbon pollution surely if there has to be a public service it could be fulfilled by employing much smaller buses as they do in other parts of the world. Obviously no private company could afford to operate like this without being heavily subsidised by tax payers money. I have observed virtually daily as I drop off & pick-up my daughter at Berwick station 3 or 4 empty buses arrive & just as a train arrives they depart, again empty. These observations have been made over several years now, so any attempt to encourage the public to use this service has failed. You just have to look at the overflowing car parks at rail stations to confirm this fact.
  • Mappo about 8 years ago
    Princes Highway, Eastbound out of Dandenong, at the freeway crossover.Does anyone remember about 8 years ago, before the Hallam bypass was built?Deleted from the plans was an eastbound link from the Sth Gippy Freeway to the Hallam Bypass, because "there would not be enough traffic to warrant it". To make up for it, supposedly after a consultants report, Vicroads extended the right hand turning lane on the bridge by 2 car lengths! WT..? So, heading into Dandenong in the morning, there are 3 through lanes (and 2 turning lanes), but the same traffic at night heading home has just 2 through lanes (and 1 turning lane). When is this going to be fixed?It needs either: * the link re-instated (which would make the Hallam bypass traffic even worse), or; * a third Eastbound lane on the bridge (which could easily be done by converting one of the inbound turning lanes that now get used far less than before)
    • Simmo about 8 years ago
      I agree 100% with you. Sadly there is never a mention from the council or Vic roads about ever fixing the problem. Apparently 8 years ago before the Hallam bypass was built, the traffic had to exit the freeway at Dandenong to get to Hallam, Narre Warren and Berwick. This resulted in a notorious bottle neck on the freeway, resulting in the freeway needing it's own lane on the Princess Highway to cater for all the cars exiting at that point. That's why the third lane was never built on the eastbound side of the bridge. Now that the Hallam bypass has been built hardly anyone gets off at that exit unless there smart to avoid the Hallam bypass merge stuff up. Now we have 3 lanes merging into 2 at the bridge resulting in a dangerous merge and a horrendous bottleneck that stretches all the way to Dandenong. It's like once you reach that point on the highway your trapped and it's frustrating to just crawl your way up to the bridge. The third lane will solve the problem but with no funding this is unlikely to happen.
  • vixen1230 about 8 years ago
    Pearcedale needs a decent bus service to connect to neighbouring suburbs.- No service at all from Pearcedale to Cranbourne- Limited service of 3 runs from Pearcedale to Frankston on Saturdays, none on SundaysDisappointed to hear a comment on the amount of empty or non empty buses servicing Berwick area, when this is the reason given to Pearcedale residents that a bus service to Pearcedale is not viable!! For residents and kids in outer areas, there needs to be provision for public transport so we too can use facilities in nearby suburbs. We pay taxes too!
  • Toad about 8 years ago
    I always wonder why the buses never tee up with the trains, especially of an evening I just get off the train and the bus has just pulled out of the stop
  • Ian K about 8 years ago
    Agree with alot of the comments already submitted.Would love to be able to attend a forum. Is there a way to get involved where I can go to meetings, be part of the forum. Have a lot of ideas on how to improve our transport issues, some are simple and realitively cheap, some not so cheap.One of the comments was extending to three lanes, Sth Gippsland Hwy from Abbotts Rd to Thompsons Rd. For starters a third lane could be done from Sth Gippsland Fwy to Mcdowell Rd, distance 500 metres. Not a huge cost but would help the bank up of traffic there. It could then be extended over stages to first Lynbrook Boulavard and eventually through to Thompsons Rd.The major one I have is to extend the Dandenong ByPass through to the South Gippsland Fwy and beyond, (more than is shown in the Melway), continuing on across Hallam Rd next to Centre rd and ending up as Fullard Rd in Narre Warren and ending at Narre Warren Cranbourne Rd.It would have the advantage of taking traffic off Princes Hwy and Pound/Shrives Rd's.The new Sth Gippsland Hwy/ Pound Rd interchange hasn't fixed the problem. All it has done is shift the problem further up the roads.Mappo's comments re Hallam Bypass, agree 100%.Belgrave Hallam Rd entrance to Hallam Bypass, Two turning lanes if headed towards city, lucky to be four cars turning. If headed towards Berwick and Pakenham one turning lane, twenty to thirty vehicles waiting to turn right. Very poorly designed intersection. Bridge from Sth Gippsland Fwy Nth bound to Hallam Bypass East bound would fix lot of the traffic on Belgrave Hallam Rd.And the worst part about it. Vicroads SE projects office at the intersection, why haven't they done something about it?
  • Fedup about 8 years ago
    There needs to be serious consideration to having traffic lights installed at the intersection of Princes Hwy & Toomuc Valley Rd PKAM. This has become a real hazard at school pick up & drop off times. To try and turn right on to the Princes Hwy from Toomuc Valley rd is a nightmare. Vic Roads always looks at stats, and more disturbing fatalities before they even consider installing traffic lights at an intersection but we are talking about a black spot that involves children on a daily basis. We shouldn't be living in a country that reads about fatalities in the news before something is done about it, the time is now.
  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator about 8 years ago
    Residents are invited to hear about the future of the Monash Freeway (Hallam Bypass) and public transport in Melbourne’s outer south east at a forum hosted by the City of Casey on Wednesday 16 November 2011.At the Better Roads, Better Buses, Better Trains Forum representatives from Council, South East Melbourne Manufacturer’s Alliance, RACV, VicRoads and the Department of Transport will present on future road and transport opportunities for Melbourne’s outer south east.City of Casey encourages residents to register their attendance for the forum. For details please visit
  • SueH about 8 years ago
    City of Casey’s Ageing Positively Steering Group is a group of local residents who work with City of Casey Councillors and Officers to advocate on behalf of Casey’s older residents. The purpose of the group is to strengthen existing partnerships, and forge new relationships to work towards increased opportunities for the Casey community to age positively.As members of City of Casey Ageing Positively Steering Group, we advocate for the older residents in the community. It is recognised that inadequate public transport can severely impact participation of socially isolated residents, particularly older residents. How will this issue be addressed through improvements to the transport network in Casey, particularly in relation to scheduling, location and safety?
  • Asus about 8 years ago
    On weekends, the Pakenham line and Cranbourne lines only get trains every 40 minutes. From Dandenong to the city, this means trains come every 20 minutes. We need to change the system by making all the trains go to Pakenham, giving it a 20 minute frequency, and having connection to the Cranbourne line at Dandenong. This is currently happens on the Lilydale and Belgrave lines on the weekends. Doing this will mean both Cranbourne and Pakenham lines will get a 20 minute frequency, which is far better than a train every 40 minutes.
  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator almost 8 years ago
    Thank you for your comments.At the Better Roads, Better Buses, Better Trains Forum held 16 November 2011, community members, local business owners and residents had a unique opportunity to hear from the City of Casey, South East Melbourne Manufacturer’s Alliance (SEMMA), RACV, VicRoads and the Department of Transport regarding the future plans for the transport network in Melbourne’s outer south east.Council was delighted with the community’s support and positive response to the forum.The forum demonstrated that Casey residents want action now. State road improvements, the improved capacity of the Monash Freeway (Hallam Bypass) and extended and enhanced bus services continues to be at the top of Council’s advocacy priorities.Material discussed at the forum, including presentations from the agencies, Casey’s Transport Advocacy Campaign booklet and video footage from the forum will be made available on Council’s website at and this Casey Conversations forum in the next few weeks.
  • asonaseason almost 8 years ago
    I live in Botanic Ridge. I don't drive, so I am stuck here 24/7. I have 4 boys to which one has a Autistic Disorder, I can't bring him to his pead appointments. More recently I can not take my 3 year old to kinder or my new baby to health nurse. A. because there no kinder or health nurse in Botanic Ridge and B. THERE is NO bus service !!!
  • smhamo almost 8 years ago
    The off ramp at Berwick uni is a joke the turning left lane onto Clyde road needs to be extended so that the cars don"t get held behind the cars trying to turn right onto Clyde rd, often this causes mayhem in peak hour with the traffic banked back onto the freeway and people foced to turn one lane into two to turn right.Accident waiting to happen, the council keeps opening new estates which inturn creates greater revenue from rates etc but the most simplest of things just don"t happen
  • smhamo almost 8 years ago
    ON the corner of Glasscocks rd and William Thwaites bld there is a small shopping centre with carpark around the back but all those lazy useless people park on both sides of the road making it hard to get through in the afternoon. Barriers or bollards need to be put up to stop this before someone gets hurt. Forsight is a great thing pity the council doesn't have much. Just send down the coppers to book a few, word will soon spread.