How appropriate is the size and type of street tree in front of your home?

over 4 years ago
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  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 4 years ago
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  • vixen1230 over 4 years ago
    Our property is classed as rural so the larger trees and shrubs add to the character of the area. Although they regularly needing trimming around powerlines so shrubs would be more practical.
  • Madmel over 4 years ago
    We have a blossom of some sort. It is not too big and provides pretty flowers in spring/summer. It is evergreen and not too big, which is good because we also have a light pole at the other end of our nature strip. The tree is not imposing and leaves enough room for bins and the odd occasion that a car needs to be parked there.
  • Jo Bolland over 4 years ago
    We have 2 gums and they are so the wrong type of tree, if they grow as big as the ones across the road, we will have issues with roots and cracked pavement and falling limbs. These gums are way to big to have as nature strip trees, they should be in the wetlands or open spaces not on a nature strip.
  • Oska one over 4 years ago
    Not very it is a red gum and in 15 years or so it will be getting cut into a very ugly shape to avoid power lines.