How do you feel in general about the street trees planted in your neighbourhood?

over 4 years ago
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  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 4 years ago
    Thanks for your sharing your feedback with us.
  • vixen1230 over 4 years ago
    We are lucky in Pearcedale that most areas have been planted with native trees and shrubs. They suit the area and attract native birds - not indian minors, plus most cope with dry periods without being affected. Council just has to be careful not to plant large gums near powerlines.
  • paultarts over 4 years ago
    GUM trees, They are ugly and unattractive. Do not provide any form of beauty to the streetscape, provide negative impact and no aesthetic benefit. GUM trees are high maintenance to council and more so to property owners having to regularly cleanup . Only one place for them, in national park / forest. NOT on nature strip where they continuosly drop limbs and bark and cannot grow grass around the trunk. Casey Council, lift your game. With so many exciting variety of trees to plant you choose GUMS, the worst possible choice. I'm paying for these horrible unsightly ugly trees, Replace them ALL NOW before they become problemati and unsafe.
  • leonhey over 4 years ago
    I live in LINDEN TREE WAY and what does council plant... gum trees, really council. With the beautiful lakes across the road one would think you would have planted linden trees