Thanks for your feedback

about 2 months ago

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback on the proposed speed limit amendments to the higher speed sections of Warneet Road and Cannons Creek Road; nearly 200 responses were received.

The consultation has concluded that the local communities of Blind Bight and Warneet do not support the proposals for Warneet Road with 70% of responders against any speed limit change.

However, majority support was received from Cannons Creek residents for the proposed speed limit amendments to Cannons Creek Road, to increase the extents of the short length of 60km/h speed zone northwards and correspondingly reduce the extents of the existing 80km/h south of Baxter-Tooradin Road to the minimum length of 800m. This will hopefully assist towards improved compliance as road users transition from the higher speed zones into the residential area of Cannons Creek.

Next Steps

Given the feedback during consultation, Council officers are recommending not to proceed with the suggested speed limit changes on Warneet Road. However, an application has been submitted to the Department of Transport for the supported speed amendments on Cannons Creek, seeking their approval for the identified changes to the speed zone signage.

The outcome of the speed limit reviews will also be included in the Coastal Villages Road Safety Review report to be considered at the meeting of Council on 2 June 2020.

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