Why are the speed limits being reviewed?

    The speed limits on the higher speed sections of Cannons Creek Rd and Warneet Rd have been reviewed following road safety concerns raised by local residents, as well as being part of a road safety review in the coastal villages.

    Why is 80km/h the preferred speed limit for the current 100km/h section of Warneet Road?

    Speed limits are Major Traffic Control Items under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transport.  Therefore the speed limit review was carried out in accordance with the Victorian Speed Zoning Guidelines.

    The review has suggested that a speed limit of 80km/h would be more appropriate for the current 100km/h section of Warneet Road taking into account the accident history and roadside hazards along this higher speed section of road.  

    Victoria Police are supportive of a lower speed limit to improve road safety.

    What happens next?

    The feedback will be reviewed following completion of the community engagement and subject to support of the speed change proposals, a submission will then be made to the Department of Transport for approval to amend the speed limit signage.