How were you affected by the Melbourne Water drainage system during and after the February floods?

over 8 years ago

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  • Madmel over 8 years ago
    We back on to a reserve but luckily water didn't make it to our property. Others in our street weren't so lucky. The only real inconvenience to us was having to find an exit route to the freeway & Princes Highway. So did hundreds of other drivers! With really only 2 other ways out, it took way too long. It's a shame that there isn't a road that leads to the Princes Highway from Fleetwood Drive & Saxonwood Drive. On the plus side, I now know some of the back roads in my area.
  • Troyr over 8 years ago
    My wife tried to get back home from work on Friday night but the flood water was too high. She didn't end up coming home till Thursday. I decided to stay at the house in case the levels got higher, plus i had to deal with water damage to my garage. To get supplies i had to wade through 400m of knee high water to get to the *outside world*For us residents dependant Golf Links Road, we only have one way out & that is Narre Cranbourne Road. That is whya) Steps must be taken to ensure this doesn't happen againb) Alternative routes must be opened up i) The dirt road part of Golf Links Rd needs to be sealed, re-opened & resistant to overflow so we can get out via Berwick ii) Even some street linking us to Fleetwood Drive would help
  • Adam McEachern over 8 years ago
    We were on holiday with friends on the victoria coast when we first heard news from TV, Radio, friends and family. My brother in-law was first to check on our vacant house after also wading through huge volumes of water. We were also lucky to only have the water lapping inches below our entrance to the home and slight water damage as water passed through our garage. We decide to try and put aside the bad news and enjoy the rest of our holiday with the children and friends. We returned 3 days later, late on Sunday afternoon. Roads where blocked everywhere. After a while we found safe parking on Fleetwood drive. I found small unaffected area which boarded the high side of a park. I then took my to children through the unaffected area of park land to we got to the rear of Casey Aged Care Facility ( which was also total cut off ). Lucky Casey Aged Care by this time had released the rear of there property was the only way in or out of our estate. Management at hospital was very understanding and opened gates facing the park.We got to our home some time after 7pm. The next couple of days we were house bound.I agree strongly with you troy! developers will be starting contruction for the 200 plus residents home and streets in Narre Springs Estate. I don’t see any reason why Casey are incapable of linking payer drive to Pentland drive or Cottswold Ave . Cottswold Ave has been left as a dead end and is not a court, wouldn’t it be easy to link Cottswold Ave up to the stage 1 of the new deployment? Plans show that parkland is planned for the are between the two roads.
  • deb over 8 years ago
    We just avoided water entering our house on the Friday night, as the storm water drains could not cope and the water just kept rising. The water got so high that we were house bound for 4 days, with no access in or out of our estate. That became extremely difficult when we ran out of milk for our baby. My husband had to wade through knee deep water and walk to the shops to get milk and food. My husband and I were unable to work for two days which was difficult financially. The information above was only in regards to the February floods, but we have been flooded in our estate three other times in the previous six months. So it is not just the case of a 1 in 100 flood that happened, it has occurred many times. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.
  • Action man over 8 years ago
    What comes to those who must wait too long in emergencies? The main thing i remember is watching a father of that sick boy look totally helpless as we told him the ambulance wont get through. Eventually a fire truck made it through. That child was in hospital for weeks. Vicroads, Casey and Melb Water - What progress is being made? Thank you,
  • Peterk over 8 years ago
    I remember swimming to work every day.Narre Springs estate off Golflinks drive Narre Warren has been cut off from all private vehicle access due to floodwaters over Golflinks rd on at least three occasions in the 8 months: 31. October - 01.Nov 2010 , 15. January and 05-08. February 2011We have families, mortgages, jobs, young children, elderly parents, we pay our rates.THERE IS NO REASON WHATSOEVER WHY WE SHOULD WORRY ABOUT WHETHER WE CAN ACCESS OUR HOMES EVERY TIME WE GET A FEW DAYS RAIN.I believe this site is more of a front to stop us calling and bothering the Casey, Seriously will we get any feed back from this?
  • Peterk over 8 years ago
    Total redesign of drainage system in between Centre and Golf Links Road. Raise Golf Links Road to better channel water flow.Second access road connecting from Player Drive to Pentland Drive (Parkview Rise estate).Retarding basins which are designed to catch fast flowing water, slow it down, trap it or redirect it.Footbridges over drains at intersection of Narre Warren Cranbourne and Golf links Roads. An example is already in place at Narre Warren Cranbourne and Centre Road intersection.Im sure these would be cheaper than any human life!
  • rms over 8 years ago
    I've noticed alot of the open waterways and storm water outlets are choked with reeds and rubbish. Even to this day. If Melbourne Water and Casey Council were more proactive in maintaining their areas water may flow more quickly. I'm in an area where the surrounding roads always flood when there is heavy rain. This is caused by allowing storm water runoff from newer estates connecting into older drainage systems which were not designed to cope with this extra flow. Maybe the Council and Melbourne Water should take this into consideration when new estates are planned.
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
      Thank you for your comments. Council is currently advocating for Melbourne Water to fund, develop and implement measures and undertake urgent maintenance on its drainage system to ensure that its pipe systems, waterways, wetlands, retarding basins and overflow paths can operate at their maximum capacity, thereby protecting Casey homes and businesses from a future flood event.Please telephone the Council on 9705 5200 to report the locations of drains requiring vegetation and litter maintenance and the Council will investigate.
  • caseyfloods over 8 years ago
    Look at "Casey Floods Feb 2011" Facebook page and you will find lots of examples and photos of how people were affected in the Casey area. In reference to the councils statement that 100 homes had water over their floors, 1800 is the figure from the SES. People are still suffering emotionally and financially because of the floods, whether they had insurance or not. Some residents and volunteers have set up CASEY COMMUNITY FLOOD SUPPORT GROUP, which is meeting at Hampton Park Uniting Church, 1 Coral Drive Hampton Park. Everyone affected by the floods is invited, children welcome. We meet the 2nd Thursday night of each month 7 - 9 pm, the 4th Friday of each month 12.45 - 2.45 pm, and the 3rd Saturday of every 2nd month for a sausage sizzle 12 noon - 2pm, - please rsvp to this one to help with catering. The next dates are Tomorrow - Thurs 11th Aug, Sat 20th Aug and Fri 26th Aug. For more details contact Michele Halsall on Mob. 0413 390 533, Home 9799 8363 or E.
  • caseyfloods over 8 years ago
    Another way to get help is by contacting the FLOOD RECOVERY SUPPORT PROGRAM from Connections in Narre Warren. 2 Support Workers are available to help with all kinds of assistance to promote people's recovery from the floods. to contact the support workers phone 9705 3939. - Michele Halsall, Casey Community Flood Support Group.
  • notapushover over 8 years ago
    The water filled the bowl of the court and then I was watching my windows and doors to see if it would come in. The door was where the first water entered but it stopped at that point. So, I was lucky. The soft rugs by the door were handy for stopping the water.What most affected me was the carpet at the library which caused me to have allergy attacks. I did not know the carpet was affecting me until I queried the way I had breathing problems when I sat in front of the computers, then a staff member said the carpet would be replaced 'soon'. So, after weeks of checking what was causing my allergy I finally found out it was the library carpet. It definitely was the carpet because my allergy cleared up and I could breathe again once I had stayed away from the library for 3 days. If the carpet needed replacing a couple of months after the flood, then it needed to be removed immediately. I was so ill and was getting worse, but there has been no apology from anyone. The library could have stayed open with just a concrete floor. I no longer trust that people in charge will ensure that a public place is a safe place for me.
  • Harmonyangel over 8 years ago
    How it affected us ok so we were on pound road , backing on to the gully from the wetlands or should i say drainage , we lost everything we owned and even lost our home , twice as after we returned our house went mouldy due to botched up repairs , i have children with disabilitys , we are all suffering post traumatic stress , we have moved from hotel to hotel , lost unreplacable things like photos and memoroabilia , there wasnt enough emergency services , we spent the night in a strangers backyard shed as we had noone to help us , i have five children my husband lost his job due to the floods , we got staph infections from mould spores and flood water , there was no warnings , the drain at the back of us was constantly full of rubbish and over growth , and still is to this day , i often walk through there and even now after all this tragedy nothings been done , council is slack and should be held accountable for all our losses in my opinion . We have a new house now but the trauma and constant moving has caused a lot of trauma on my children with autism .
  • Cathwong over 8 years ago
    I could not get home after taking my kids to friday night swimming classes at the Casey Arc - the roads were chaotic and most areas were flooded. So I drove to the Narre Warren Police Station to ask for assistance and some information or direction on how I was to get my 4 young children home. BUT the policeman at the station told me that they had no communication with those officers at the roadblocks and other site and therefore could not assist me.I found that really shocking. We got home at 10pm - Swimming classes concluded at 6.30pm.I think there should be better communication at these times.
  • Adam McEachern over 8 years ago
  • jlm over 8 years ago
    Our home was nearly unindated by flood waters last February and thankfully we were home at the time working for hours trying to keep the water from entering into the house. Not only did all our drains block up from the sheer volume of rain, but we had a river running through the blind side of the house from the back neighbouring block of land which had flooded from the roadside gutters. The flood was racing through our garage, down the drive and into the already flooding street. When the rain eased I paddled through water upto my knees down our street. Every drain along the roadside gutters were totally blocked! This angers me, as I have reported blocked gutters and street cleaning issues to Casey Council on many occassions. Once upon a time, the gutters were totally cleaned out, not just a street cleaner coming along maybe once a year! Obviously, our water drainage system is inadequate and should be one of our council's first priorities to take up with Melbourne Water.
  • caseyfloods about 8 years ago
    I live in Hampton Park, in the deluge of Feb 4th 2011, I was a lucky one, I live nearly on the top of a hill, but our garage still flooded. In regards to How I was affected by the Melbourne Water drainage system during and after the February Floods - I feel the drains were inadequate and not maintained, as still is the case now, one year past since the floods. We are still trying to get drains unblocked, the drains are too small. I did not realise what it was like when the rain stopped for about 20 mins, and when I left to go to an appointment, I drove through 2 feet of water on Ormond Road when the rains came down again, as I crossed the creek. I could not see it. I was lucky to get through. I was trapped for about 4 hours in Amberley Park Shopping Centre with about 70 other people and a bus, then it took 2 hours to get home via Hallam & Dandenong Sth, There were no warning messages on our phones that it was dangerous to go out. There needs to be height markers across all our bridges and places prone to flooding. Since the floods we have found out that - * The SES advises not to drive on roads in 15cm ? of water, as cars can float* Yet Melbourne Water classes roads as places where the water is meant to flowHow are we meant to get out of flooded areas? How was the water meant to get away? The main drains are 70% easily, blocked by reeds and still are!Look along Narre Warren Cranbourne Road on the eastern side, there are trees growing in the open drain alongside the road - where is the water meant to go?Stop cleaning the water in the drains, that is what the wetlands are designed for * in Centre Road Berwick, * in Hampton Park River Red Gum Reserve * In the Hallam wetlandsand other retarding basins. CLEAR THE DRAINS!! Clear the drains in the streets - unblock them. Clear the open drains alongside roads - it used to be done- why isnt it now? Clear the main drains of reeds- get out the big diggers.Michele Halsall from Casey Community Flood Support Group and "Casey Floods Feb 2011" facebook page.
  • homeless almost 8 years ago
    To whom it may concern, Hi yes i was affected by water on feb 4 super cell , Or heavy rain ! I like most people live in the middle of suburbia not near a river , but my house gets 250 mm of water inside it , who is do i turn to my insurance company ? Yes did that still waiting to get into house .
  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator almost 8 years ago
    Thank you for your feedback.The capacity of the Melbourne Water drainage system is a major advocacy priority for Council. All residents are encouraged to have their say on this topic on Casey Conversations to assist us in implementing our advocacy campaign. Keep an eye on Council’s website and Facebook page for media releases and information on this topic.
  • Paul. C. almost 8 years ago
    Greetings fellow residents, it has been some time since the floods but this doesn't mean we should forget about it - alot of the area is indeed floodplain and it will happen again. Melbourne Water's "once in 500 years" flood claim is absolute rubbish - how can they come to that conclusion when this state has been colonized for less that 200 years - let alone this area!! In the Berwick leader several months ago there was an article about an amatuer researcher who had found records of an even worse flood affecting this area 80 years ago. Floodplains are unpredictable at best and I bet some of you fellow readers now have reservations about living here longterm. As a hobby I study geology as well as natural environments and living near the corner of Fleetwood Drive and Golf Links Rd, I have observed dramatic changes in the local area particularly around the creek and surrounds during my 7+ years of living here. Under the Golf Links Rd bridge are a number of concrete channels separated into sections, 1 (and at times 2) of these are choked with sediment which restrict the inflows during storms. Reeds are choking the creek and causing sediment to build up, therefore reducing the depth of the creek and its ability to handle large volumes of water. Moving downstream to the rocky weir near the floodgates, during the drought 08-09, the area below the rocks was bone dry and upon closer inspection as before I found alot of sediment buildup. After I had written all the information down I contacted Melbourne Water (summer 2009) and spoke to an officer who manages such areas... I strongly recommended to him that an excavator was needed to clear away the sediment and deepen the channels while the opportunity presented itself but of course it all fell on deaf ears and we ended up paying the price last year. With the surrounding paddocks fast disappearing and more houses being built, there will be even more direct runoff so future floods may occur much sooner than we think and perhaps more severe. Another worrying thought is that the Urban Planning Authority is looking at acquiring the paddocks bounded by Golf Links Rd and Greaves Rd - raising the land by several feet and turning it into medium-high density housing... for those who live local to this area you'll remember how deep the water was in the paddocks(and in some cases our homes) during the floods... well if the natural floodplains are raised for new estates then the resultant floodwaters will affect a far bigger area and will be much deeper in lower-lying areas such as Grand Arch Way and surrounding streets.Whilst we didn't have water entering the house, the backyard was under water and the garage had a couple of inches in it. However that does not allay my concerns for other fellow residents who were not so lucky - we should not have to be fearful for our homes when a storm is imminent. The only good thing to come out of the whole event was that the boating/fishing was good on Golf Links Rd and Narre-Cran Rd with plenty of eels, carp and redfin.The area I discussed is only 1 small area among many and if Melb Water took this seriously then they'd be compelled to address the issue properly looking at both upsteam as well as downstream. In future events, perhaps affected residents should consider a legal "class action" against Melb Water for their ineptitude - that might be what it takes for this joke of an organisation to pull its finger out and do something.
  • ConcernedCitizen almost 8 years ago
    Its now over a year since this major flood however we have had significant rain over the last year or so and the water has risen to high levels several times. I am retired and walk my dog through the golf links road drainage area several times a week and I am appalled by the rubbish in the creeks and the lack of maintenance by Melbourne Water. Why is it that certain areas of the drainage system are maintained to a standard that residents can use them as recreational areas and others are not. Why does this discrimination exists - I would say obviously bean counters drive the agenda.
    • Paul. C. almost 8 years ago
      There are 2 individuals who are responsible for the majority of rubbish dumped in the little creeks near the roundabout on either side of Golf Links Rd, both of them live somewhere up Norman Place, 1 owns a white ute, and the other owns a cream coloured 4x4 with tray. I have had my camera ready to film them in the act but whenever they see me nearby (whilst they are getting ready to dump rubbish) they quickly change their minds and drive off. I believe they dump most of their rubbish in the middle of the night, and whenever a south-westerly wind blows up Fleetwood Drive, alot of the lighter rubbish ends up in our front yards. These clowns are also dumping rubbish in the vacant lot on the corner of Fleetwood Drv and Golf Links Rd. I could report them anyway but the problem is that if I don't have any video evidence backing up the accusations then it's the litterbug's word against mine.
  • VHTJ almost 8 years ago
    Increasing the capacity of open drains is not the solution. Have a look at our open drains in Casey. They are nearly all clogged with reeds and other vegitation. Open drains are supposed to let water through. They are more like biologial dams. The flooding that the city of Casey suffered would have been much less severe if the water could have escaped down the drains. The main drain at Hallam is not the only open drain that it blocked. Remember Heatherton Road, and how inconvenient that was!So who is supposed to keep the drains functioning? Melbourne water? We pay rates for drainage and somebody is letting us down.So: Clean out the drains. Wait for the next deluge - and then see if the capacity of the drainage system needs to be increased. It's no use putting more drains in if they are not properly maintained.
    • Malcolm over 7 years ago
      VHTJ, Glad to see someone is awake up t the Casey Council. I live on a rural property in Casey wich has an open type culvert drain running through it. Years ago when the rains came the drain would flow, after the rains the drain would dry up within a few days and the culvert could be maintained by mowing. This culvert drain has not stopped flowing for 2 years now, the original drain is full of silt and sediment and overgrown. I have been arguing with Casey Council for 8 months as to having the drain cleaned out. Council blame my upstream neighbour and tell me its an issue between me and them.I see this forum as yet another way council is trying to avoid thier responsibilities.For those interested google search casey council storm water management plan. This plan was prepared in 2000 and basically says the drainage systems are inadequate. Its now 2012 and there has been more development in the casey area putting further pressure on a drainage system that wasnt adequate with less catchment 12 years ago. What do they think is going to happen.Wake up Casey Council, fix your problems and stop trying to handball them.
      • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 7 years ago
        Malcolm, thank you for your input. As you would be aware in your dealings with the City of Casey, that Council is not responsible for all drainage across the municipality. The responsibility is shared between various parties from Melbourne Water to Council and the private landowner. In rural areas, the landowner is normally responsible for the drainage along natural water courses and constructed open drains that were built by private landowner, unless the drainage course has been declared as Melbourne Water’s responsibility.Council recognises that stormwater management is one part of a link in the whole water cycle. Therefore, the City of Casey will be reviewing the old stormwater management plan to develop a holistic Integrated Water Management Strategy, over the next 18 months. There will be opportunities for the community to input into the development of this strategy.
  • smhamo over 7 years ago
    Casey council has subcontractors who do the maintenance of council land and when they mow the grass all the cuttings get left behind to flow down into our drains when we do get rain. This inturn causes major blockage of our drainage system and also gets washed out into the bay, what a disgrace. They should all be sacked. Glasscocks road was also flooded between berwick cranbourne road and william thwaites bld due to the water not being able to go anywhere as the drains are so overgrown and blocked with grass and weeds. I have been trying to get something done about this for nearly a year and still nothing has been done.More rain will bring more floods, as a rate payer l am disgusted and after ringing the council on numerous occasions am told someone will call about this issue.(ha what a joke,still waiting).Just like bang the table council never listens they just give excuses. Gee if we all decided to not pay our rates until things were done those council bums might get some action done.