What is a Community Engagement Strategy?

    The Community Engagement Strategy outlines Council’s commitment to provide the community with genuine opportunities to inform projects or decisions that affect them.

    It is a document that guides Council in determining when, how and who to talk to when planning projects or making decisions.

    The strategy is based on the principle that community engagement is the foundation of good decision-making, and is mutually beneficial to the community and Council. 

    Why is the strategy being updated?

    When the strategy was formally adopted in September 2016, a review was planned for 12 months time to ensure that the new strategy was effective and to check if anything needed to be changed.

    How can I have my say about issues that matter to me?

    We would love to hear from you on matters that mean something to you or impact you in some way. 

    There are many ways that you can have your say on these things including completing an activity on this website, commenting on a Facebook post, writing an email or letter, calling us or having a chat at a Council pop-up or when we're out and about.

    The Community Engagement Strategy is what guides how we provide these opportunities to you, so let us know exactly how you would prefer to be involved by completing our survey.