What are the most critical services Casey's young people need?

over 6 years ago

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  • amaa88 over 5 years ago
    Finally a commentary that is open, strange that all the broadband conversions are closed....All people young and all need access to acceptable internet services.- Slow- Expensive Wireless- Or in accessible Internet is unacceptable.How are students of any age supposed to study? And libraries aren't an options as they have restricted time access and cost efficient anyway.As the council is well aware there is a huge infrastructure problem with internet services, and although you claim you do not have sufficient power to do anything I would like to draw your attention to the Local Government Act 1989 which is section 3 outlines the role, functions and power of local councils.In such this act stipulates "a Council has the power to do all things necessary or convenient to be done in connection with the achievement of its objectives and the performance of its functions"Some core functions related to internet are as followed:(b) planning for and providing services and facilities for the local community; (c) providing and maintaining community infrastructure in the municipal district; (d) undertaking strategic and land use planning for the municipal district; So as a rate payer I would like to know exactly which part of legislation restricts council from resolving this ongoing issue.
  • stallys over 6 years ago
    A group of volunteers run the Berwick Toy Library from a storage room at the Timbarra COmmunity Centre. We have a range of over 600 toys, puzzles and games, and currently offer two sessions per fortnight to members to borrow and exchange toys for their children and for Family Daycare. This is a wonderful service which we would love to see expanded but we need more space! Many municipalities support Toy Library by providing a permanent space that can be left set up and offer multiple sessions each week. The Berwick Toy Library would love to move to a dedicated space to that we can expand and offer our service to more families and family daycare providers. City of Casey we need your help!!!
  • chops about 6 years ago
    toy library is good for the young under 10 but there is a real problem in the city of Casey with gang related my son got Beaton bad and his car got smashed up by these gangs 26/11/2013 the gang is called the FOB and there is another one called YK2K these are kiwi gangs going around bashing people for no reason these are the real issues in the city of Casey I blame the government when they come to our country they get commission houses and they destroy the place we call home now the law is if us Australians our kids under 18 get into trouble in any way it is the pedants felt and we get find or have to go to court but if people from other country's come over here and start trouble nothing happens to them you as Casey council are part of the government you should change the law if they get court doing the wrong thing like bashing people the should get shipped back o the country if this law was in place there would be none of this crap because there parents would make sure of it at the moment there parents don't care because they now nothing will happen to them also I am always hearing from Casey council we have to do something about the youth in the area but I haven't seen nothing the problem is getting worse these gangs are going to kill some one and then are us as parents are going to left with out a son or daughter but the people at Casey council will still go on there happy lives as a parent our kids cannot go anywhere I have a lot more to say about this subject but i think you better look at the real picture on how to protect our kids the police want to lock them up they know who they are but there hands are tide what a joke that is