Council Budget focused on outcomes for Casey community

Following a four-week public exhibition period, the City of Casey’s 2020/21 Budget and Strategic Resource Plan was adopted at a Council meeting on Tuesday 23, June along with the 2020/21 Council Action Plan.

This year, the City of Casey will manage a total budget of $536.7 million that is committed to supporting the communities’ economic recovery from COVID-19, while continuing to provide vital services and infrastructure for our rapidly growing municipality.

In 2020/21, our budget includes:

  • an operational investment of $405.1 million, which will see the provision of more than 60 services community wide, spanning from child, youth and family to aged and disability care
  • a Capital Works Program valued at 131.6 million, which will focus on the development of additional infrastructure, as well as the completion of more than 50 projects, which were commenced in the last financial year
  • a rate increase of 2.0 per cent, in line with the state-wide rate cap.

Community has their say

During the public exhibition period, we saw a record number of online interactions with the draft information, some of which was translated in other languages so more people could be involved. Over 2,900 visits to this page and and more than 300 surveys were submitted.

Of the key services Council is investing, the three services most important to our community were:

  • Building and Planning
  • Aged Care and Disability
  • Community Facilities and Participation

Residents also rated the following five action items in the Council’s Action Plan 2020/21 as the most important to their community and family:

  • To work with State and Federal Government to ensure major rail & transport upgrades deliver an integrated and reliable network.
  • Deliver paths and trails to improve connection.
  • Improve the local economy and create jobs.
  • Implement a comprehensive program in response to COVID-19 to support the community.
  • Deliver four new recreation reserves (Cranbourne North, Cranbourne East and Clyde North).

More information on the adoption of Council’s Budget 2020/21 is on the news page of Council’s website.


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  1. Launch a citizen leadership program to develop Community Leaders who can help build knowledge of Council’s role and responsibilities and build connection with Council’s Administrators. #
  2. Implement the Gender Equality Action Plan to create leadership opportunities for diverse women, ensure an enabling workplace culture and embed a gender responsive approach to community programs, services and infrastructure. #
  3. Design and implement stage two of the Aged and Disability Service Review to explore different service models and address barriers to accessing support. #
  4. Undertake a review to determine if Council should become a service provider of funded three-year old kindergarten. #
  5. Support the early delivery of infrastructure through the Development & Infrastructure Contribution Levies and by working with the development sector #
  6. Implement a comprehensive program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to support our community to rebuild and thrive in both the social and economic environments. #
  7. Undertake community engagement to inform a new Community Vision that describes the City’s aspirations for the next ten years to inform Council’s strategic priorities. #
  8. Work with State and Federal Government to ensure major rail and transport upgrades deliver an integrated and reliable network. #
  9. Deliver paths and trails in Casey that improve connection and promote sustainable modes of transport. #
  10. Option 10 #
  1. Construction and upgrading of Council’s roads and footpaths #
  2. Renewing Council’s building assets #
  3. Renewing Casey’s open space and recreational facilities #
  4. Improving Casey’s drainage network and water harvesting installations #
  5. Improving the liveability and sustainability of Casey (e.g. trees, streetscape improvements) #
  6. New family and community centres #
  7. Upgrading and delivering new recreational facilities #
  8. Investment in business and digital transformation to improve the customer experience #
  9. Option 9 #
  10. Option 10 #
  1. Child, Youth and Family services #
  2. Waste services and management #
  3. Construction, maintenance and renewal of roads and footpaths throughout Casey #
  4. Community facilities and participation #
  5. Building and planning #
  6. Aged and disability care and services #
  7. Health and safety upgrades throughout Casey #
  8. Parks and open space #
  1. Deliver four new recreation reserves (Cranbourne North, Cranbourne East and Clyde North) to provide residents access to sports fields and playgrounds and promote opportunities for physical activity. #
  2. Provide a range of digital programs to connect the community to arts and cultural experiences from Bunjil Place during its closure and beyond. #
  3. Establish partnerships with elite level sporting groups and state sporting associations to attract major events to the region and ensure representation in the Casey community. #
  4. Partner with industry, government and the community to improve regional collaboration, long-term planning, infrastructure funding and governance reforms. #
  5. Make best use of underutilised Council land by creating opportunities for new civic, community and commercial developments. #
  6. Improve the local economy and create jobs by attracting new investment, supporting business growth and enhancing the planning, design and management of activity centres. #
  7. Facilitate the unlocking of future employment land to ensure Casey residents have access to and choice of employment opportunities. #
  8. Mitigate the impact of climate change by reducing Council’s carbon footprint and supporting the community to reduce greenhouse emissions. #
  9. Increase the diversion of waste from landfill through new kerbside services such as Food Organics Garden Organics and leading the procurement of advanced waste processing. #
  10. Protect, plant and manage trees in streets and parks to grow strong natural assets and foster a greener, more liveable Melbourne. #
  11. Develop a Domestic Waste-Water Management Plan in order to minimise the environmental and public health risks associated with onsite domestic septic systems. #
  12. Introduce changes to the planning scheme that reflect contemporary policies and community priorities. #
  1. Develop and begin implementing a Transformation Strategy that ensures Casey is an agile, capable and sustainable Council into the future. #
  2. Undertake community engagement to determine how Casey can use emerging smart city technology to improve liveability, wellbeing and sustainability. #
  3. Deliver new online features to provide customers with additional choice and flexibility, including a chat bot, to use more services 24/7. #
  4. Implement a proactive governance program addressing the matters identified by the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission’s (IBAC) Operation Sandon. #
  5. Ensure the planning of infrastructure essential for Council and the community is financially sustainable and fit for purpose. #
  6. Expand the Voice of the Customer Program to more services to gain valuable customer feedback which will be used to improve their experience and the way we deliver services. #
  7. Implement a Financial Sustainability Plan that guides resourcing and decision making to meet the needs of the growing community across a constrained budget. #

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