Circular Casey Portrait Competition

  • The voice of Casey young creatives

    We selected Zainab Hasani, a local artist to create the portraits and tell the stories of the Circular Casey initiative.

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About Circular Casey

Circular Casey is a City of Casey initiative that includes funding and support via the Circular Economy Living Lab Grant.

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Get involved in Circular Casey

Find out more about the innovative organisations selected to trial their solutions for a more circular economy in the City of Casey, and how to get involved today.

Reground - A Circular Coffee Hub in Casey

To find out more and sign-up visit or email

OzHarvest - Use It Up Program

To find out more and sign-up visit

Forkful - Take a bit off Food insecurity in Casey

To find out more and sign-up visit

Rosella Street - A Circular Economy Hub in Casey

To find out more and sign-up visit the City of Casey Circular Economy Hub.

For any questions email

Evitat - Sustainable, efficient and healthy homes in Casey

Find out more and sign up today on

FTD Circular - A Circular approach to defit and fit-outs

Find out more about FTD Circular and the partnership between Forward Thinking Design, Ilimaf and Hardcat.

Activ Group and Reece Group - EcoActiv Platform

EcoActiv allows you to book the collection of unwanted items such as old appliances, packaging, batteries, and e-waste, ensuring they’ll be given the best possible second life. In the upcoming months, these organisations will also engage local construction businesses to help them “circularise” waste in the domestic sector.

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A Food Security Framework for the City of Casey

Sarah Shehata tells us more about food security in the City of Casey and how Council will work to prioritise projects to improve access to nutritious, affordable, and culturally appropriate food for Casey residents.


Our economy today largely works in a “linear" way. This means that natural resources are taken, transformed into products we use and then disposed of. It is also called a “take-make-waste" economy.

This model has resulted in the excessive consumption of the finite resources we have on this planet, a substantial amount of waste situated in growing landfills, and the unrestricted use of non-renewable sources of energy, which pollute air and water streams.

A circular economy is a model that aims to close the gap between the production of goods and the limited availability of natural resources that our lives depend upon, while still meeting the needs of our societies.

The three key principles guiding the transformation towards a circular economy are:

  1. Eliminate waste and pollution in the design and production of new materials and/or products
  2. Extend materials and/or products lifespan, keeping them in use for as long as possible
  3. Restore the local environment, with benefits for the flora, fauna, waterways, soil, etc.

Cities are crucial in the transition to a Circular Economy as they are responsible for consuming 75% of the Global natural resources, producing 50% of Global waste and emitting 80% of the greenhouse gases that are causing rising temperature worldwide.

The City of Casey is one of the fastest-growing communities in Australia, and it is predicted to become home to 616,200 people by 2041. This means more waste produced and more pollution generated, unless we embrace a Circular Economy model and innovate boldly today to ensure the sustainable growth of our local economy, and a timely response to these environmental challenges.

The Old Cheese Factory site is the base for Circular Casey. Although trials will be rolled out throughout the City of Casey (online and in person), the Old Cheese site will be where we gather, present, co-design and talk about how to make Casey more circular.

Located at 34 Homestead Road, Berwick, the site features the 1860s historic Springfield Homestead, Cheese Factory and Kitchen Wash House, and is a tall reminder of Australia's early colonial history.

This is where projects will be showcased and community will be engaged through events.