The Art for Impact Exhibition has launched

Come to Bunjil Place and visit the library on Level 1 to see the portraits and read the stories of the local sustainable heroes that participated in the Circular Casey initiative.

Portraits by Zainab Hasani

Stories and exhibition curation by Nicky Stecca, City of Casey

Art for impact exhibition at Bunjil Place library

About the competition

“Art for Impact” is a creative competition launched by the City of Casey. We invited local artists to submit a portrait of individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to environmental causes. Zainab Hasani, one of the participants, was recognised for her moving portrait of her late grandfather, who was renowned for his work in environmental restoration in Afghanistan. In collaboration with the Smart City and Innovation team, Zainab created a series of portraits featuring local “sustainability heroes”, community members and businesses that participated in the Circular Casey initiatives over the past year.

Their portraits and personal contributions aim to tell more about the impact of Circular Casey through the stories of those who engaged in the initiative, inspiring others to actively support environmental causes, embarking in their own personal sustainability hero’s journey.

How the competition works

Submit your portrait for the competition

If you are a designer, photographer, illustrator or artist passionate about sustainability and the environment, you can submit a digital artwork made with any of your preferred media. This includes any form of traditional art, photography, and digital art (2D and 3D illustrations and graphic design), as long as it's made by you.

The artwork needs to portray a single person or a group of people that inspire you to be actively involved in environmental causes, no matter how small!

The portrait should tell a story about the impact this person or group of people have had in shaping your passion for sustainability, and be a unique piece that represents your style as a creative.

Interested? Find out more here

Download the Competition guidelines, and read the Terms and Conditions. On the right, you will also find a helpful FAQ section.

Before you submit

Make sure your application is submitted via the Youth Portrait Competition Entry form below by Sunday 9th July, 9 pm. We will not be able to accept any late applications.

In the form, you will be requested to submit your file (download the Competition Guidelines document below for more details on size and format) and provide brief answers to the following questions:

  1. Can you provide a description of your artwork and the medium that you used to create it?
  2. Who is the subject of your artwork and why does this person/ these people inspire you to have an interest in environmental causes?
  3. Why is environmental sustainability important to you?

Ready? Click "Start" in the entry form below and good luck with your application!