Connecting New Communities

This page is for primarily for people living in the new estates of Casey. Our aim is to provide you with helpful links to Council and community information to help you connect with your neighbours and others in your local area. It is also a way for us to keep in touch with how things are going in Casey’s newest communities.

Strengthening New Communities

Strengthening New Communities is a program we run throughout the year to bring neighbours together and help residents get their ideas for community activities off the ground. The program moves between new estates, usually while they are in the early stages of development and before the community facilities are built. Our pop-up informal social BBQs and breakfasts are usually held in local parks but while COVD-19 restrictions are in place we are holding these activities online. If you would like to meet your neighbours online, please join one of our discussion groups.

We would be interested to know how you coping during the current social restrictions and if there is anything we can do to help. Let us know by completing our survey.

Are you a keen gardener. We'd love to see photos of your pride and joy. Please upload your photos to our Stories tool.

Also, we thought you might be interested in knowing about a couple of other community building activities that we look after - community gardens and the Wall of Global Friendship.

Community Gardens

Community gardens are places to come together to garden and grow food in your community. This provides a chance to get to know the environment and create social connections. Your closest community gardens are located at Delaray and Selandra Estates.

View the Community Garden Guidelines and Policy to find out how to start or be involved in a community garden.

The team hosts regular get-togethers for members of community garden groups. If you are interested in knowing when these networking sessions are held, email us at

The Wall of Global Friendships

The idea of a Wall of Global Friendships came from the community as a unique way to recognise Casey’s cultural diversity. It features several plaques contributed by our multicultural communities of Casey.
Each plaque at the Wall bears a message of friendship and goodwill. It's a symbol of a vibrant and diverse city.

To be involved with our Wall of Global Friendships, please email

Discussion group

Come and join our online discussion group and meet your neighbours

The group will chat about what's important to them and the hot topics in the community right now?

Register your interest and availability so we can try to organise a time that suits you.

Contact the team or email to register