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In February 2022, the City of Casey committed to becoming a more age-friendly community by signing the Victorian Government and Municipal Association of Victoria’s Age-Friendly Victoria Declaration. The Victorian approach to age-friendly communities, informed by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Age-Friendly Cities framework, encourages councils to consider senior people’s needs and their voices in planning, policies and actions. Establishing a reference group for people who live in the City of Casey and are aged 55 and over is the next step in helping Casey become a more age-friendly community.

How will this work?

The reference group will play a key role in sharing insight, feedback and experiences that will help shape Councils strategic objectives, projects and plans. Meetings will occur monthly at various venues and times across the municipality. Please refer to the Draft Terms of Reference for additional information.

If support is needed to attend meetings suitable options will be explored.

How long will the reference group be established for?

Initially, the reference group will meet for a 12-month trial period. Insights and evaluation of participation levels from members and Council will help determine if the group is ongoing.

What are some of the ideas Council officers will want to test with us?

Council officers will seek feedback on a range of things such as (but not limited to):

  • How welcoming and accessible a community space is
  • What social activities people 55+ would be interested in
  • How to design community transport options so they are more inclusive of senior people’s needs

What are the anticipated benefits for community?

An age-friendly approach has well-being benefits for all ages, abilities and means. It features initiatives that make a city more age-friendly for people aged 55 years and over and also aims to increase livability for everyone in the community, including people living with a disability.

Who is eligible?

The Living and Ageing Well Community Reference Group aims to represent Casey’s diversity of people aged 55 years and over, and is inclusive of all genders, abilities, Aboriginality, cultures, sexual orientation, education and employment status. The recruitment of members will aim to reflect and represent diversity in Casey.

Phone registration

To submit an Expression of Interest in joining the Reference Group, please complete the form below or call 9705 5271 and register your interest over the phone.

Expressions of Interest close 6 July 2022.

How to apply?

To apply please complete the Expression of Interest Form below.