For Shape your City to be effective we know we need to hear more than a few voices; we need to hear from the many voices that make Casey the unique and diverse city that it is. To help do this, we’re calling on members of our community to become ambassadors for the Shape your City program.

As an Ambassador we’re asking you to reach out to your community networks, friends, contacts, peers, colleagues, cultural/religious societies, support or special interest groups and let them know their voice matters when it comes to planning the future of Casey.

You’ll be provided information, guides and promotional material to help you encourage others to join the Shape your City conversation and be able to connect with other Ambassadors and the Shape Your City project team online to share feedback, insights and challenges.

Your role as an ambassador could be as simple as helping promote or discuss Shape your City through the communication tools you already use such as Facebook or email groups, helping others join the discussion on Casey Conversations or translate and communicate the feedback, ideas and suggestions of others by “hosting Shape your City conversations” and sending us the details.

We’re also keen to ensure our Ambassadors have the opportunity to help us shape our community engagement approaches for future phases of the Shape your City program.

It’s not some voices but many that will truly reflect the diversity of our community in future planning – if you think you can help others make sure their voices matter, become a Shape Your City Ambassador today.