Welcome and thank you for considering hosting a “Shape your City” conversation – your voice matters, and we’re excited you are exploring one of many ways your voice, and that of others, can be heard to help best shape the future of Casey.

By hosting a conversation, you can be assured we’re not just listening to your conversation outcomes but looking at ways we can use them to build a better future for the City of Casey. We’ll also openly share how your conversations are being used in our planning and future thinking and will communicate this through key Council channels including Casey Conversations, the City of Casey’s online collaboration space.

If you are reading this you might be thinking about how to host a conversation with others - be it friends, family, work colleagues, your parents’ group, sports or book club, or any other group you might want to involve. That's great!

Register here and we will send you a Host a Conversation pack, with all the details you need to get started.