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Help shape the Bunjil Place precinct

The City of Casey is inviting residents and ratepayers to have their say on the development of the Bunjil Place Precinct to help shape the site’s vision.

To increase investment opportunities and meet the changing needs of Casey’s community, Council is examining opportunities to develop the five hectares of underutilised land adjoining Bunjil Place and Fountain Gate Shopping Centre in Narre Warren – known as the Bunjil Place Precinct.

The site could provide a unique opportunity to build on the strong social and cultural focus created by Bunjil Place, with the potential to support greater diversity of employment, tourism, economic and social activity.

Residents and ratepayers are invited to share what they would like to see at the site via the online form below, to help shape its vision, and ensure its future development meets the needs and desires of the community.

Residents and ratepayers can share their feedback by Friday 24 February 2023.

Following community consultation and the finalisation of the site’s vision, Council will seek the community’s feedback on selling the five hectares of land for development in line with the vision.

The long-term project will take place over the next ten or more years.

Draft Concept Master Plan

A draft Concept Master Plan has been prepared to outline the vision for the development of the site.

The redevelopment of the precinct will help to transform the existing under-utilised car parking and open space into an exciting and viable high-density mixed-use precinct.

Importantly, the plan recognises the essential role that car parking continues to play and will see parking retained in an alternate form. It also allows for a staged development approach, acknowledging that the development of the precinct may take ten or even twenty years to fully realise.

If delivered, the plan would positively contribute to the revitalisation of the broader Fountain Gate-Narre Warren activity centre and be consistent with the State and local planning framework. The sale and development of the land as envisioned in the draft Concept Master Plan is expected to bring several key benefits in line with Council’s various strategies and the Casey Community Vision 2031. To view the key benefits and features of the design vision for the precinct, click here.

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Community Feedback

Council welcomes community feedback on the draft Concept Master Plan and we encourage you to share your vision on this exciting precinct.

To do so, please complete the short survey and feedback form below.