Close the Loop report is now available providing a background, community consultation results and what next for this project.

The Road Management Plan Review has been undertaken to ensure that Council is meeting the community’s expectations in regards to the maintenance of local roads and footpaths, as well as kerbs and bridges.

As part of the review, we sought feedback from our residents to get a clear idea on which roads and footpaths in Casey require improvements, and to gauge our community’s satisfaction level in relation to this service.

Consultation concluded on Sunday 14 February, prior to the Plan’s adoption by Council in June 2021.

Feedback received via the survey will allow us to identify inefficiencies, and prioritise the maintenance and upgrades of roads and paths throughout the municipality.

Please note: The roads covered under the road management plan do not include freeways, highways and arterials, which are under the authority of the Department of Transport (VicRoads).

Consultation now closed