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Arts and culture

Supports, encourages, and delivers arts and cultural activities across Casey, including encouraging local people and groups to design and deliver their own arts and cultural programs. Provides libraries and arts facilities to promote literacy, encourage lifelong learning, inspire arts and culture, and oversee the ongoing maintenance of public art and the commissioning of public arts projects.

Tourism destinations and events

Supports visitation and tourism through the development and delivery of a suite of large and small-scale community and mayoral events. Provides local attractions such as the programming and management of Bunjil Place Theatre, Gallery, Plaza and Studio, Myuna Farm, and the Old Cheese Factory. Includes the provision of advice, support and training to community groups in the delivery of community events, as well as management of event approvals.

Service categories


  • Waste
  • Sustainability & environment
  • Water

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  • Roads
  • Parking
  • Paths & trails

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  • Sport & leisure
  • Parks & open spaces

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  • Child, Youth & Family
  • Ageing & all-abilities
  • Community connection, health & well-being
  • Community safety

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  • Arts & culture
  • Tourism destinations & events

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Strategic Service Definition:

Coordinates pet and animal registrations to support responsible pet ownership, reunite lost pets with owners, remove pets from harm, and provide a safe community free from dangerous animals.

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  • Economic development & investment
  • Business support

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  • Land use strategy
  • Building & planning

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  • Assets
  • Communications & marketing
  • Customer
  • Finance
  • Partnerships & procurement
  • Governance & risk
  • People
  • Organisational planning & performance
  • Information technology
  • Innovation & change

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