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Provides and coordinates services to plan design, deliver, procure, and maintain Council’s assets, including infrastructure, open space, property, and fleet and plant assets. Ensures that asset requirements are aligned to documented levels of service and can provide the service at the lowest long-term cost. Ensures capital works are planned and delivered in accordance with current standards and specifications and meet future community needs. Provides the strategy and advice on property matters and manages the acquisition, leasing, use, leased property maintenance, naming and disposal of Council’s property assets. Supports a fit for purpose fleet and plant, which is maintained, safe and efficient to use.

Communications and Marketing

Advocates on behalf of the community for state and federal funding for services and improvements. Manages all Council’s communication channels to share updates, promote Council's programs and services and engage with the community to ensure their views are reflected in Council’s decision making, organisational planning, and resource allocation.


Coordinates and manages all Council’s customer channels, as well as capturing customer feedback on Council’s services and improving customer experience of services.


Provides all elements of financial management associated with the delivery of services and the management of Council. Leads the development and implementation of the long-term financial plan and strategy. Includes budgeting, cashflow management, financial reporting to the community, budget engagement, and property rating services.

Partnerships and procurement

Drives and coordinates Council’s partnerships with other agencies, local businesses, community groups, and contractors. Provides the strategy and advice on property matters and manages the acquisition, leasing, use, and leased property maintenance. Includes tendering, procurement and contract management, and partnership management.

Governance and risk

Coordinates and delivers activities to govern the Council and mitigate risk, including the coordination of Council Meetings, the internal audit program, as well as business continuity, legal issue management, prevention of fraud and corruption, infringement reviews and management of organisational insurances.


Provides employment advice and support, recruitment, learning and development, health and safety, and industrial/employee relations for Council. Ensures Council have the right people in the right roles to deliver services for the community.

Organisational planning and performance

Coordinates and delivers all levels of Council’s planning, including the development, engagement and monitoring of the Council Plan and annual Action Plan, as well as the operationalisation of this plan through all services and departments, and the annual reporting of achievements. This service ensures that all Council’s activities and service delivery is planned and delivered in line with the community's expectations and priorities.

Information technology

Provides all the technology hardware, software, and data and information management to enable Council’s service delivery, and to keep all data and information safe and secure. Manages corporate records from creation to disposal to meet statutory requirements and coordinate freedom of information.

Innovation and change

Coordinates and delivers innovation and change activities to improve Council services. Includes Casey’s Smart City Launchpad which uses sensors and technology to inform Council’s service delivery, process improvement to streamline Council's operations, and change management to ensure improvements are embedded and taken up in the way that best meets community need.

Service categories


  • Waste
  • Sustainability & environment
  • Water

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  • Roads
  • Parking
  • Paths & trails

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  • Sport & leisure
  • Parks & open spaces

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  • Child, Youth & Family
  • Ageing & all-abilities
  • Community connection, health & well-being
  • Community safety

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  • Arts & culture
  • Tourism destinations & events

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Strategic Service Definition:

Coordinates pet and animal registrations to support responsible pet ownership, reunite lost pets with owners, remove pets from harm, and provide a safe community free from dangerous animals.

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  • Economic development & investment
  • Business support

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  • Land use strategy
  • Building & planning

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  • Assets
  • Communications & marketing
  • Customer
  • Finance
  • Partnerships & procurement
  • Governance & risk
  • People
  • Organisational planning & performance
  • Information technology
  • Innovation & change

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