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Provides all waste collection services including residential garbage, recycling, green waste, commercial waste and hard waste. Includes provision of bins, collection, transport, sorting and/or disposal, and customer interface. Maintains the environment through the collection of dumped rubbish and minimised impact of litter.

Sustainability and environment

Provides a broad range of services to protect and enhance the natural environment and support sustainability. Includes coordination of Council’s climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as protection and enhancement of biodiversity and natural resource management. Identifies, manages and remediates potentially contaminated Council land. Raises community awareness for environmental values through education which creates behaviour change and reduces environmental impact.


Manages and maintains Council’s stormwater assets to protect waterways and bays as well as protect community in regular and extreme rainfall events. Includes urban and rural drainage, flood plain management, stormwater environmental management and stormwater reuse.

Service categories


  • Waste
  • Sustainability & environment
  • Water

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  • Roads
  • Parking
  • Paths & trails

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  • Sport & leisure
  • Parks & open spaces

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  • Child, Youth & Family
  • Ageing & all-abilities
  • Community connection, health & well-being
  • Community safety

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  • Arts & culture
  • Tourism destinations & events

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Strategic Service Definition:

Coordinates pet and animal registrations to support responsible pet ownership, reunite lost pets with owners, remove pets from harm, and provide a safe community free from dangerous animals.

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  • Economic development & investment
  • Business support

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  • Land use strategy
  • Building & planning

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  • Assets
  • Communications & marketing
  • Customer
  • Finance
  • Partnerships & procurement
  • Governance & risk
  • People
  • Organisational planning & performance
  • Information technology
  • Innovation & change

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