Casey City Council is undertaking preliminary community consultation on the draft Development and Contributions Plans for Collison Estate, Cranbourne East.

The draft Development Plan provides guidance for future planning permit applications in the Estate. Future uses include residential, a local activity centre, a community centre, non-residential uses in a residential zone and open space networks. Future planning permit applications are exempt from public notice under the Victorian Planning Provisions.

The draft Development Contributions Plan identifies the infrastructure costs for the Estate to develop and distribute these costs equally between landowners in the Estate. Please click the associated links to view the Collison Estate draft Development Plan and Development Contributions Plan, including associated Frequently Asked Questions.

If you live in Collison Estate, follow the interactive link to find out how your property is affected by the draft Development and Contributions Plans.

Residents and land owners will be notified in writing by post regarding this consultation. Should you have any questions about the draft Development Plan, Development Contributions Plans or if you are affected by the Section 173 Agreement, please make an appointment to meet with a Council officer.

Consultation for the draft Development and Contributions Plans are open until midnight 23 June 2022. You can make a submission using the below form.

Submissions must be in writing, and can be via email or post. Submissions should be addressed to:

Sonja Van Nieuwenhoven

Principal Strategic Planner, City of Casey

PO Box 1000


Or PlanningScheme@casey.vic.gov.au

Please refer to the Privacy Collection Notice prior to making a submission.

We will handle any personal information you provided in this form in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. You can access your personal information by contacting our Privacy Officer on 9705 5200. For more information please see our Privacy Policy @ www.casey.vic.gov.au

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