Overview - Amendment C275case - Cranbourne Major Activity Centre

Amendment C275case is a major review of the planning framework for the Cranbourne Major Activity Centre which will simplify planning controls and make them more up-to-date to respond to the growth and changes anticipated over the next 20 years.

Five submissions were received in response to the public exhibition of Amendment C275case. Three of those submissions requested a change or opposed the amendment, so Council has requested the Minister for Planning appoint an independent Planning Panel to consider the submissions and provide advice to Council about how to proceed with the amendment. At the Directions Hearing held on 8 April 2022 the Planning Panel advised no submitters had requested to be heard, determined that a public hearing is not required and requested Council and submitters provide them with written submissions. Further information about the Planning Panel process can be found on Planning Panels Victoria's website.

Council received the Panel Report on 9 June 2022 with recommendations about how Council should proceed with Amendment C275case. The Panel Report was made public soon after and can be found here.

On 19 July 2022 Council adopted Amendment C275case, you can refer to item 5.5 from the meeting agenda here and the minutes of the meeting can be found here. C275case has been submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval who will have the final say on the amendment and may choose to make changes.